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          Welcome to Elevated Vaping - Online Vape Supply Experts

          Located in Burbank, CA since 2013 we have been focused on selling high end e-liquids, vape mods and other vaping supplies for the vape community. We understand that the vaping lifestyle is ever changing and evolving, so we grow with you as the customer by offering you a wide variety of great tasting, high quality juices from companies such as: Jam Monster e-liquid, Naked 100 e-liquid and Space Jam e-liquid. We also strive to serve this growing community by supplying you with amazing, quality advanced vaping products without the emphasis on the beginner supplies. Please let us know if we can be of assistance by contacting us via e-mail or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @ElevatedVaping!

          From Our Blog

          • April 17, 2018 Naked 100 Disposable E-Cigarettes - What are they?

             Naked 100 Disposable E-Cigarette Brain Freeze Lava Flow 

            Naked 100 has released their disposable, cigalike style devices and you're gonna want to see what they're all about.  Plus, we've got a video review to show you all the ins and outs, so check out the end. 

          • March 22, 2018 What is Nicotine Salt??
            Nicotine Salt rose in popularity with the release of a device called the JUUL and once that device became a staple in the industry, people demanded more and better options.  Now Nicotine Salts are readily available and rising even more in popularity.What is Nicotine Salt?
          • March 16, 2018 The Cole-Bishop Amendment

            March 22 is a very crucial deadline for what many vapers have come to know as the Cole-Bishop Amendment. Otherwise known as HR 1136...

            FDA Headquarters Building

          • February 27, 2018 What exactly is the GhoSTick anyways?

            There have been a plethora of new devices released to the vaping community recently, so it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the number of choices.  Here at Elevated, we strive to offer as many quality products as we can, and recently we’ve personally been introduced to a number of options ourselves…

            GhoSTick Pod Mod Starter Kit