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  • Hi everybody!!
Hi everybody!!

Hello everyone!!

Today is a very exciting day for Elevated Vaping because we are officially launching our weekly blog! Let me kick off this first post by introducing myself. My name is Taylor (some people call me Tay) and I am thrilled to get this ball rolling! I will be posting at least once a week on Fridays, to make this a consistent chain of events, and to also make all of your lives a little easier.

First of all, let me start off by introducing Elevated Vaping. We are a company that completely strives for the best for our customers because we are our customers. Our founder, Chris Innes, actually started off buying vaping products to help him quit smoking. So we understand you, and we understand your wants and needs. That’s all what we are blogging about. This is about you in every way. All of the best information you would want to know about the vaping world is going to be here; cool information about up and coming juices and accessories including ratings and reviews, answers to questions that you have for us, and many different and exciting topics all about vaping and our company! Last but not least, we do appreciate your feedback, comments, questions, and concerns. Once again, like stated before, this whole thing is for you, our customers!

So until next week, everyone, thank you!


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