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  • The Steam Factory at Elevated Vaping!!
The Steam Factory at Elevated Vaping!!
The Steam Factory at Elevated Vaping

Steam Factory Launch at Elevated Vaping

There has been so much talk about an up and coming e juice that has recently hit the market, and let’s just say that we here at Elevated Vaping are totally stoked and proud to carry this new line... The Steam Factory! The company producing this awesome juice is called the Steam Factory, and I was lucky enough to snag an interview with the main man and owner himself! Let’s just say, I was thoroughly excited when I heard the news that I would be speaking to him.

All you need to know about the Steam Factory

First of all, before we get into the nitty gritty, let me start off by explaining the product line that the Steam Factory has crafted. The new juice line consists of these four wonderful concoctions: Screwberry, Kizmet, Castaway, and Blue Ballz. These juices are not only full of amazing flavor, but they are juices that are meant to target a wide array of vapers. “We wanted to develop a line that was flavorful regardless of what system you’re using – whether it’s someone who is trying to quit smoking with a basic starter kit or a more advanced user that’s into rebuildables…” And we 100% agree. This line is going to fit anyone’s needs, whether they are beginner vapers or seasoned veterans!

So this juice has already created a huge following, and we predict that it will only expand in popularity. And we totally understand why. It is a high quality, great tasting, product that is built to sustain an all-day vape. “We strive to make high quality, substantial flavors that don’t grow old to the palette. Some juices taste great in the beginning but quickly grow tiresome. We try to create flavors that are classics, day after day." And that’s ultimately what all vapers are looking for right? Although many of us vape to experience a wide array of flavors and tastes, many of us also need an ultimate fallback to lean on when we just want to stick to the comforts of a juice that we truly love and know. I feel that this line is going to be in a lot of people’s juice collection as a top favorite.

The Steam Factory E Juice Flavor Profiles

The Steam Factory at Elevated Vaping

Now on to my favorite part, and the moment you have all been waiting for… the juice!! So, as you can see on your right, the Steam Factory has produced a beautiful package. The high contrast labeling is gorgeous and it truly sets the stage for what type of product you will be using as the consumer. I personally love when a company of any kind takes their product and uses art to demonstrate their love for their work, and that’s what Jason and his team has done.

Let’s start with my personal favorite, Blue Ballz! Is the reason for it being my favorite obvious? Aside from that, it’s an awesome tasting juice. It is a subtle banana nut blend with a small tinge of blueberry. The Blue Ballz banana/blueberry ratio is very equal whereas most other blends of some sort of fruit is more dominant. With this juice, there is a good ratio of flavor. The blueberry portion is more natural tasting than it is candy tasting.

Castaway is a revitalizing and dreamy juice that mixes a light and brisk orange flavor with succulent, creaminess. After a few hits from the atomizer, you also get slight undertones of what seems to be peach, this blends well with the flavors already in play here. In general terms, I refer to this as an orange creamsicle juice, to say the least.

Screwberry is a great juice that is both revitalizing and awesome! On the inhale, it reminds me of the Pilsbury strawberry frosting with just a subtle undertone of the tartness of a fresh strawberry. On the very bottom of the inhale, I found a hint of some sort of bubbly. I know that sounds crazy because it is just juice, but I kid you not, you can actually taste it and we applaud the Steam Factory for such a unique undertone.

Kizmet is a sharp ejuice that is very fresh. It consists of a good blend between a sour Granny apple and a succulent Anjou pear. So this juice is juicy and sweet, yet tart at the same time. It has very light tones in it, which would allow for me personally, to use this as an all-day vape without it scratching my throat by midafternoon.

After trying all of these juices, it is fair to asses that I could vape all of these wonderful blends as an all-day vape and be completely satisfied, which is why we here at Elevated Vaping are stoked to be carrying this new juice on our website! “We like to leave the vaper with a lasting impression, starting from the moment they first see the product to that final vape before they go to sleep. We believe that every aspect of the juice should be satisfying and I think we accomplish that,” and we couldn’t agree more.

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