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Ragtime Vapor at Elevated Vaping!

Ragtime Vapor at Elevated Vaping

We have some really exciting things happening here at Elevated this month, including the all new e juice, Ragtime Vapor! Because the vaping industry is such a large and blossoming one, we have met some amazing people and producers, which has led us also to trying some really new juice lines, including the amazing e juice at Ragtime! We are proud to announce that we will be carrying this new, and amazing juice at our store! I got to sit down and speak with the owner of Ragtime Vapor, David, about this exciting juice that is hitting the market.

To start off, I wanted to say that we are thoroughly impressed with Ragtime Vapor's professionalism in every way. Whether it be their unique website design and accessibility, to their beautifully custom art labels, or their amazing hand crafted juice, Ragtime Vapor is not messing around. "Having a specific concept for our line was as important as the quality of juice we were making." Their passion for what they create shows with everything they do. And because of their obvious classic and vintage feel, I was curious to know where he came up with the idea, and the response was very interesting. "Over the past year, with local, state, and federal legislatures essentially trying to kill the e-cig industry, it reminded us of the prohibition of the 1920's to the early 1930's." He went on to explain that although the idea was inspiring to him, he didn't want to make his product line encompass a negative spin. "Ragtime music, a musical artform which gave birth to jazz, was something we felt conveyed the concept of the era without suggesting the negative and oppressive nature of prohibition."

Ragtime Vapor's E Juice Flavor Profiles

Ragtime Vapor E Juice at Elevated Vaping

So now we know a little about the background, let's hear about the juice!  First there is, 23 Skidoo, which is an amazing vanilla custard juice. It is light, sweet, and complex. This juice has twenty three flavors that have combined into an amazing concoction that will have you coming back for more. The twenty three flavors are rationed and mixed perfectly. Nothing is too sweet, and everything rounds itself out for one awesome custard. 

Next up is Jubilee, which is a refreshingly, light juice that combines the taste of fresh and juicy melons with the coolness of cucumber. This ejuice is easily an all day vape, and we agree with Ragtime Vapor's website when th

Jim Dandy is a juice that hits apple pie on the head. There is the buttery undertones of an apple pie crust, that mixes with the sweet combination of the apples, cinnamon, and a hint of vanilla. It is literally like biting into an amazing apple pie that you just can't put down until it is gone! We are huge fans of Jim Dandy, and you have to try this stuff to believe it!ey state that it is reminiscent of summer days. We couldn't describe it any better ourselves. We have found that this is a top pick for those who enjoy the melon medley juices.

Last but surely not least, is Honky Tonk. This juice is fabulous. It is unique, nutty, and has a sweet tobacco undertone. There are so many flavors in this juice that we can't even put it into words. It is complex, yet simple, sweet, yet salty, and we have a feeling that many people will try to figure this juice out, which makes this an all day vape for sure. 

When I was speaking with David, he made the comment that he was a trained chef, and it definitely shows in these juices. All four of them are elaborately crafted by a company that's passion is to promote the quitting of tobacco while also enjoying fantastic tasting juice. "First and foremost, we want to inspire traditional tobacco smokers to quit smoking. By creating safe and exceptional e-liquids, with attractive branding, we promote tobacco harm reduction to the masses." When I asked him where he saw Ragtime Vapor in the future he responded, "... we will likely launch two or three flavors of the Ragtime line," which we were very excited to hear. From what it sounds like, there is much more good to be coming from David, "Anything can happen along the way. The journey is certainly exciting." 

  • 23 SkiddooHonky TonkJubileeNew E JuiceRagtime Vapor

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