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Nick's Blissful Brews at Elevated Vaping!

We have all seen companies that create products that are very simple and just work, like In N Out, for instance. They look so simple and make one thing, and yet they make it better than anyone else out there. That’s what we like to think about Nick’s Blissful Brews in the vaping community. This juice line that has been created is simple on the outside, but don’t be fooled. This juice is some of the best stuff out there.


We have seen a common trending popularity with these two juices; Smoked Custard and Apple Cider, and once we tried it, we just knew that we had to carry this line on our site. I got to sit down with the owner of Nick’s Blissful Brews, can you guess his name? If you guessed Nick than you are right, friends! Anyway, I got to sit down with Nick and talk to him about his line and he was so kind and professional. It’s no wonder his product is doing so well.



I am always interested as to how these lines are created, because I’m someone that definitely doesn’t have that type of creativity to create a juice that is actually good. When I asked Nick, his answer was interesting. Due to his girlfriend’s persistence, he started vaping, and ultimately created his juice line, “The first time around (vaping) didn’t stick. I think it’s because I couldn’t find a flavor that could fill the void I had from cigarettes.” He went on to explain to me that he went some time continuously smoking. His girlfriend’s loving compassion for his health sparked him to pick it up again. “…my girlfriend convinced me to try vaping again, so I did.” Time continued to pass and Nick found that he still couldn’t fill that void that he was talking about. “Instead of quitting vaping again, I decided to make my own liquid.” 


So that’s where the story begins. So where is it now? Well, this story has led us to two incredible juices. When I look at the packaging, I see a simple, yet sleek and sophisticated labeling that is very appealing. When I taste the juices, I taste incredible mixtures of flavors that are full of complexity. 


First, I will talk about Smoked Custard. There is a creamy, luscious, vanilla custard that provides most of the flavor, and in the back

you get the taste of a sweet tobacco that supplies a nice throat hit. This juice can definitely be an all day vape for those of you that are looking for a custard juice.


Next is the very refreshing Apple Cider. This juice is a lot more complex than I had originally anticipated. First of all, it is clear that the crisp apples are going to be the main ingredient here but there is a sweet, sugary cinnamon that plays lightly on the tongue as well that I found very interesting, and I am sure you will as well. Once again, just like Smoked Custard, this juice is definitely an all day vape.


“I chose to stick to bold, sophisticated profiles, yet have them be simple enough that any vapor from beginner to advanced can enjoy on a daily basis,” we think that Nick has hit the nail directly on the head with his goals in contrast to what he has created. We are very excited to be carrying Nick’s Blissfu Brews on our site. 

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