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Why Vaping Isn't Just about the Nicotine

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Vaping and Nicotine; it isn't Cigarettes

Hello fellow vapers!!  I decided that I am not going to focus on our products so much this week; I am going to get heavy with some stuff about vaping in itself! We are all so much alike more than we know for the main fact that most of us quit smoking cigarettes due to vaping. Obvious right? Whether we started with the e-cigs and moved on to more high tech stuff, like mechanical mods, or if we are still starting out, we all know that vaping is a huge benefit when it comes to quitting the nasty habit.  When e cigs first hit the market, I was unsure of what was going to happen. I didn't think that there really was something that could substitute the craving of nicotine, but look where we are now! After trying vaping myself, I found that it truly is something more than a nicotine replacement; and we all stand here together as a true COMMUNITY.


Vaping; an all new Community

I have read many blogs, testimonials, and many articles about vaping. So many people have been able to say, "I quit smoking," because of this amazing idea of vaping. So after they quit smoking, and get down to 0 MG, they continue to vape. Why is that? I personally feel that people continue for many reasons other than just the nicotine. It has turned into a complete lifestyle adjustment. People pursue the all new juices, premium mods and unique drip tips that customize the look of what they are vaping with.

For instance, there is a student that I have been in many classes with (Cal Poly girl, home of the Broncos!!) that recently took up vaping. Funny enough, when I first met him, he actually asked me out on a date while he was smoking a cigarette. I wasn't into it for two reasons; one, I am engaged, but two (even if I wasn't) he was smoking!! It isn't attractive to me at all. Anyways, I saw him the other night and he was vaping out of a Caravella; which sparked my interest. I immediately stopped him and asked him how he was doing. He proceeded to tell me that vaping was at first a cessation technique that eventually turned into a true hobby! I was so happy for him. He told me how much better he felt health wise since smoking, and he had actually ordered from Elevated before. It made my heart truly happy to know that what we do here at this store is making a difference.

So why am I writing all of this? Well, to start with, we all know how annoying the political situation with e cigs and vaping is. First of all, it is aggravating when we hear people saying that vaping doesn't help people quit, or that vaping isn't any healthier for you than cigarettes. We all know from a personal stand point that this isn't the case. All I am asking is that you all stay up to date on the continuing news that is coming out so that way we can keep this amazing stuff around and to also keep our community strong! And if you know someone that is trying to quit smoking, do something nice and buy them a starter kit with some of our juice!!

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