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Tay's Trial Run: Screwberry

Have you had a chance to try the Steam Factory line yet? Well, if you haven't you really need to try some and, I think Screwberry is the perfect place to start! Screwberry is an absolutely delightful juice! The Steam Factory has produced some incredible juices, but my personal favorite is Screwberry because its complexity is out of this world! This is a smooth, strawberry bubbly juice where on the exhale you can literally taste the bubbly on the tongue. Have you ever heard of anything like that before? I haven't either, that's why this juice is so amazing! We have sat down with the owner of the Steam Factory, he wishes to remain nameless, and he specifically told us that his ultimate goal is to create a line where his juice leaves a lasting impression. There is literally no better way to describe Screwberry. It is a juice that is beyond words. It is almost surreal to think that someone actually concocted something so perfectly balanced and fresh. It is the perfect blend of flavors for the upcoming warm months and you can literally vape this stuff day in and day out without getting bored. Seriously, this juice is in the top five on my list in the history of juice. You have to try this stuff, and you can this weekend only at 10% off this weekend only!!


Discount code: screwberry

  • All Day VapeLight JuiceNew EjuiceScrewberryStrawberry

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