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  • Tay's Trial Run: DayDream by Vape Craving!!
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Tay's Trial Run: DayDream by Vape Craving!!
Vape Craving crafts superior juice. With every throat hit and taste of complexity, you find something more to love with all of their juices. My personal favorite is DayDream. This juice is seriously... BOMB!! It has that morning freshness to it that livens the senses; you know, the aroma of a fresh cup of a frothy caramel mocha? It is that taste! The flavors are bold, round, sweet, and gooey. This juice is undulating and subtle, yet bold enough to where the details are fully savory. On the inhale, you can taste the sweetness of a hazelnut caramel with bold taste of coffee bean, and on the exhale you get more of the sweet underlying flavor of milk chocolate with the deeper tones of the coffee as a base. That's what I love about this juice; It is a complex coffee drink in your mod. I have never tried anything like it before. It is literally a concoction that I want to put into a Starbucks espresso, but vaping it works all the same! It may sound sweet and more like a dessert juice, but I know many people that vape this juice all day and consider it their all time favorite! If you haven't tried this juice, and even if you have, you have a chance to pick it up on sale this weekend!! Get at a discount while you can and enjoy!!
  • CaramelCaramel JuiceCoffeeDayDreamMochaVape Craving

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