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  • Exciting News... Must Vape has Arrived!!
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Exciting News... Must Vape has Arrived!!
Must Vape at Elevated Vaping


Must Vape at Elevated Vaping

I am jumping for joy today!! Why?? Two reasons; we got our shipment in from our newest juice line, Must Vape and I also got to sit down with the whole team for an awesome interview!! Must Vape is a brand new juice line that just hit the market in the past month, and it already has a huge following.This incredible juice is hand crafted in the heart of Los Angeles, and you can really taste the love when you vape this stuff. It is truly incredible!

A Little About Must Vape E Liquid

First of all, this juice screams professionalism and artistic beauty in every way. Even from the moment that we first got their samples, we were honestly blown away. We had never seen anything like it. The packaging was unique, organized, and beautifully crafted. You could tell that the makers of this juice (they wish to remain nameless) slaved away for many, many hours in order to create something that was totally unique and sophisticated. Just look at the beautiful packaging! This line is reminiscent of the Steam Factory's art in the sense that these juice makers aren't messing around. This stuff is 100% professional and the labeling really kicks this up a notch! "There are so many amazing juice lines that have been sprouting up here in the past year. So we knew that if we wanted to be successful, we had to shine professionally and also be unique in every way possible."

 Must Vape Flavor Profiles

So let's go on to the best part about this blog... the juice! As of right now, Must Vape has two juices, creatively named after mustaches: Handlebar and Pencil. Imperial is the their third juice that will be released sometime in March. We will be carrying this juice when it launches.


Handlebar is a peach/pineapple margarita that is really amazing. It has a subtle creaminess that plays great with the tropical undertones. I was supposed to be trial running the juice when we got the sample and I found myself vaping it all day, I literally couldn't put it down! "I got the idea for Handlebar when I was out on a date with my wife in Irvine. We went to a little Mexican restaurant and she ordered a peach margarita blended. She was going on and on about how great it was and eventually talked me into trying it. I took one sip and I thought, 'I have to make this into a juice,' and that was the beginning of Handlebar."

Pencil is the most unique dessert vape I have ever tried, and believe me, I have tried more juice samples than I can count. When I got the sample and read the description I thought, "Pear crumble?? Hmm..." but when I tried it, I was seriously blown away. This literally tastes like a pear crisp. This juice has the comforting undertones of cinnamon with a delectable buttery taste of a "crisp" crust; you know, right where the warm filling meets the crumble? That taste is literally there! And to top it all off, I could taste vanilla ice cream. It was incredible!! Although this is a dessert vape, the pear is light enough to where you could easily vape this all day without getting burnt out. It is crazy how good this is! You've got to try it to believe it!


"Our main goal is pretty simple. We want to supply the vaping community with memorable flavors that excite the palette. We want to be the juice you crave from the first throat hit, to the last drop in the bottle," we here at Elevated Vaping believe that you guys have done just that!!


  • CinnamonCreamyHandlebarImperialJuice LinesMargaritaMust VapeNew JuicePeach Pineapple MargaritaPearPear CrispPencilVanilla Ice Cream

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