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Prescription Vapor... Is Here!!!

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We here at Elevated Vaping are super stoked for this month! We have signed on with some awesome lines that are just incredible. This week we have released a new and exciting line to our website; Prescription Vapors! This stuff has incredible mixtures and an “in your face” flavor palette, as explained by the line’s owner/creator. This line goes for the epitome of fruity flavors. These light, bright, and refreshing flavors pair perfectly with the whimsical and creative labeling of Prescription Vapor. These juices are seriously tasty and fresh. I am personally a big fan of fruit juices. When I am vaping throughout my week, and especially with summer here in So Cal already practically here, I like to vape something that is light and airy all day; and this juice is definitely that. “We wanted to go for something playful and different,” and I am honestly a big fan of this whole idea; especially when it is done right like it is with Prescription Vapor.

Let’s go into the flavors!! I really like when juice companies create lines that stick to their common theme, and I’ve gotta say, I love the names of these flavors; they are up there with Blueballz and the names of Must Vape. The three juices are the following: Orangecherryetamine, Kiwilycheecillin, and Melonaminophen.

Although the names are longer, they are pretty self-explanatory. Orangecherryetamine is a sweet combination of oranges and cherries. Simple, juicy, and to the point. Let’s just say, this stuff is perfectly crafted and definitely all day vapable.

Kiwilychecillin is a perfect blend of kiwi and lychee. There is a delicate softness to this juice that I absolutely love. Kiwi (like some of you may know) is one of my absolute favorite flavors and the combination of the kiwi with lychee is absolutely amazing.

Melonaminophen is a great combination of juicy melons and sweet cream. The prevailing taste that I get on the inhale right away is honey dew and definitely sweet cantaloupe. Once again, I am not a super big fan of custards or sweet creams, but this sweet cream is very subtle and is seriously fantastic with the melons.

Two things about this line: first of all, these flavors are 100% all day vapable. All three are flavors that are so refreshing and amazing that you end up craving them. No matter which juice you choose, you know that you are going to feel enlivened and fresh.

Second: these juices have an awesome throat hit as well. You have sweet and light juices combined with amazing throat hits... simply awesome.

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  • Mar 13, 2015

    Informative news,

    — дары смерти скачать книгу

  • Apr 04, 2014

    Im Just Gettin Into Vaping I Need To Get A Good Dripper Cause All These Flavors Id Love to Try…. This Is A Awesome New World To Me Thanks For All The Great News An Revews

    — Justin

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