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Parenting and Vaping... a Conscious Effort

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Vaping and Kids Don't Mix; Parenting Efforts

We have been reading online, and hearing in the news the uproar about vaping and its dangers to children. The media has taken this idea and blown it up into a huge media frenzied catastrophe. I have read many online posts from different news stations saying that, "new studies have shown," that vaping is "deadly" to children. When you read the article, however, you quickly find that ultimately the only thing that is deadly to children in e juice is something we already know; and that is the concentrated nicotine. Many of us know, and if you don't know, you should know, that the high concentration in nicotine is deadly when injested for children and pets. This is to me, and to many of us in the vaping community, a "NO DUH." Hello, look at the packaging on the bottles, and what does it say? It warns us of the harms of nicotine juice and advises us to keep the stuff away from pets and children.


Keeping your Kids Informed about Vaping

So while reading through the comments on Facebook and online, I read many people's posts that made a great point about the fact that any liquid in a child's reach has the potential of being ingested. What does that mean for you parents? Keep it away from your children and pets in a safe place where they can't reach. If they are older, keep them informed and strictly enforce the understanding of the dangers of nicotine in e juice. I have many friends who vape that have children and they know that juice is dangerous and they are not allowed to touch it. Period. It's just like a pack of cigarettes. Would you let your child near them to ingest? Probably not.


I want you all to know that although I am not a political advocate for most things, I do believe that staying informed on this topic is very important. The media and political parties on either side have their opinions, but staying informed on the truth, and reading between the haze to see the actual facts is important; especially with people trying to put a stop on such a positive health choice like vaping.

  • Children and E JuiceE Juice SafetyVaping Safety

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  • Apr 18, 2014

    I’ve just read your article on “Parenting and Vaping…A Conscious Effort” dated April 5, 2014. I cannot agree more with the views expressed in the article. We all know that a little common sense will go a long way in making the vaping community more acceptable in society. False information seems to be all everyone sees and the truth about e-cigarettes is not being heard or worse, buried under ignorance and greed. I commend your article and, although you say you that you are not usually a political advocate, hope you will continue to enlighten the community on the true benefits of e-cigarettes and intelligent vaping. Thank you!
    Lori Hartman, Sunshine Vapes,LLC

    — Lori Hartman

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