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Uh-Mazing Week!

Elevated Vaping aspires to be your ultimate vape shop. We are constantly looking at new trends, juices, awesome upgrades, and much more to make you stand out in the vaping community. I hear a lot of people tell me that their biggest issue when shopping for juice is trying to find new, "all day vape," and boy do we have some amazing new lines that are bound to find that for you.



Omega Vape. The contrast to the Alpha Vape line. Get it? Alpha/Omega? I didn't realize it at first either, but it is very catchy! Both lines have the Alpha Vape commonality. Omega Vape has freshly, fruit flavors that delight the senses just like its tasty counterpart. The line features three new juices: Breeze, Chronos, and Santeria.


Here is a little synapses on the line:


Chronos: it is the counterpart, in my opinion to Sweet Tooth. This juice combines the fluffy sugared goeeyness of a marshmallow and swirls it with the delicate flavors of a vanilla cream. If you're looking for an amazing dessert vape, than this juice is for you!


Breeze: This juice is unique in the sense that I have never tried a combination quite like this one before. Breeze combines juicy peaches and cantaloupes to create a sensation that is out of this world. The brightly sweet flavors that Alpha Vape is known for shows in this juice.


Santeria: My personal favorite from the Omega Vape line. This juice is the ultimate in flavor palette surprise. Santeria in entwines tart cranberries (yes cranberries... ever tried it in a juice?? I think not) and vanilla custardy/cream. This is a juice where when you try it, you think, "Oh wow, this is amazing." Simple as that. Definitely worth the try.


Han Sauce

So now that we have discussed the amazing line, Omega Vape, it is time to announce that we have the ultimate of juices... Han Sauce! For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, you need to jump on this ban wagon quickly! Han Sauce's, flavor ADIDAA (All Day I Dream About Andy) made here in LA is the ultimate, "Dragon fruit with a twist," and boy does that hit it on the head. ADIDAA is brightly tart and just an altogether amazing juice. When you read the bottle, get ready for a good laugh because the labeling is pretty hilarious, and worth the buy in itself. I won't spoil it for you. Just buy it and read it.


Must Vape, the amazing juice line out of Los Angeles has released the new addition to their line; Imperial. This is my new all day vape. It is a blend of sweet tobacco and caramel toffee sweetness. Pure pleasure to taste and perfectly crafted. Must Vape does not disappoint with this new juice and if you are a fan of tobacco juice, this stuff is definitely one for the record books. Amazing flavors.

Lastly, we have the all new LUC V4 Battery Charger. This thing is INSANE. It is a super high quality 4 battery charger that works like a charm. We have seen the prices on this thing all over the place, but we have it priced at a very reasonable price of $32.99.


So there you have it, folks! Were you looking for a surprise for the weekend? Well, there you go! You've got all of these awesome juices and new battery chargers to try! You're welcome.

  • ADIDAAAlpha VapeBatteryBattery ChargerBreezeChronosHan SauceNew JuiceOmegaOmega VapeSanteriaVape Battery

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