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  • The Best Juices for the World Cup
The Best Juices for the World Cup



Looking for a juice to vape while intently watching the 2014 World Cup?? Well, we have you covered as we discuss the best juices that will give you help bring a little bit more excitement to your cheering! First of all, let me say that I am a Germany fan... Don't hate me, I am just German! So while I am watching these games take place, I have to make sure that I am vaping some of the best juices around... All of these are those in which you find at Elevated Vaping!!


Here are three juices that keep my senses a-livened during these futbol games:


2 Changz by Han Sauce: nothing screams, "AWESOME," like 2 CHANGZ! Not only does this juice sometimes cause all those who vape it to scream, "2 CHANNGZ!!!" but it can also help you get excited for the World Cup, and it may also give you enough energy to scream, "Gooooooalll," when USA goals!! (Yes, being a U.S. girl makes me have to root for my home country as well!) Along with the amazing excitement that this juice gives you, it also tastes uh-mazing! According to the one and only, Mr. Andy Han, 2 Changz is a light, "kiwi with a twist." Simple, lovely, and the utmost all day vape for sure!


Jim Dandy by Ragtime Vapor: the ultimate apple pie!! This juice has sweetly toasted flavors that make you want to cuddle with a warm blanket and watch the television as you cheer on your team! It is literally my favorite apple pie juice and it is worth the try! You won't be disappointed, and this buttery, dessert vape will soon become your all day vape for sure! 


Hoops by Alpha Vape: one of the best melon juices you will ever try! This light cantaloupe juice is aromatically blended and even has floral undertones while you vape throughout the day, which you definitely will find yourself doing. It is fresh and light and will keep you energized while you watch the 90 minute games... If you weren't energized enough already! 


So in the end, you definitely have to try these juices. All are different in their own, unique way, yet they are all common in the sense that they are fabulous and will help keep you on the edge of your seat! Happy World Cup, everyone!!

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