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Vaping... Definitely Different from Smoking


I have been hearing many people lately (especially because of vaping's social media craze) calling vaping, "A new way to smoke." I understand the reasoning but I had to respectfully disagree immediately. Although I am partial to thinking that this is not the case, I did have to stop and think about why I was disagreeing so quickly. Doing so otherwise is not responsible of me as an "educated person."


So after thinking about it, and coming up with a list, I have to say that I still respectfully disagree with the people that call vaping, "A new smoking." What are the reasons, and most importantly, why does it matter?


Well, let me start with the latter question. I feel like it matters what vaping is distinguished as because of the stigma that comes behind the term, "smoking." There are: anti smoking campaigns, anti smoking legislation, seriously horrible health risks associated with smoking, etc. See what I'm saying? So much negativity and poor stigmas follow the term, "smoking," so why would anyone refer to vaping as the same thing?


I do understand that vaping brings forth the idea of nicotine to people who are trying to quit, so the idea of smoking and vaping are correlated, however vaping is in a much more positive light than smoking. I have seen countless people quit after decades of smoking, I see no known signs of second hand smoke, and what is emitted from the device is water vapor, not smoke.


And vaping has turned into a wonderful community as well. There are groups of thousands of people that come together to genuinely be involved in the cessation of smoking. I, for example, have made life long friends and great memories from the vaping community just as much as I am sure you have as well. 


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