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  • Why to go to Vaping Conventions and the Do's and Don'ts
Why to go to Vaping Conventions and the Do's and Don'ts


Whether you're a newbie, or a seasoned vaping veteran, vaping conventions (like ECC and Vape Summit) are the place to go. And not for the usual reasons you'd expect. Most people attend the conventions for the free stuff, and I mean hey, who doesn't love free stuff?


This is the thing, though, it isn't just for that. Sure, the free vaping swag is always great, but attendance is also a great learning tool and a super fun time.


Here are some guidelines and tips that I think could be helpful in order to get the biggest bang for the buck when it comes to convention hopping:

1. Don't be super needy. And by this, I mean, don't go out begging for hand outs. Think about the idea from this standpoint: these vendors have spent a lot of money and time trying to put together their booths. Of course, most of them don't mind handing out goodies, but also, acting crazy for no reason is not going to get you more stuff. In fact, less people will be willing to give things away if you are annoying.


2. Ask questions. The people that are at this convention are experts in their field. If you have always wanted to try their juice, but couldn't find it in any shops in your area, ask where to pick it up! If you have an all day vape and you finally have the chance ask the maker him/herself to see what it's all about; then do so. That's what these conventions are all about! Learning!


3. Bring cash. There are many deals that can be found at these conventions. We ran into many modders who had great discounts as well as many juice vendors that were doing some amazing sales. The only thing is, credit cards sometimes are an issue. Many vendors do bring square, however they have to be linked up with the internet. With so many vendors and people on the WIFI, it is difficult to sometimes pay without cash.


4. Be prepared to spend money. With all of this being said about bringing cash, I advise that you be prepared to spend money. Not all of your wants are going to be free, so be prepared to be pitched and also be prepared to fall in love with something that you have to buy. For me, it was the Monkey O's at ECC. I needed one of those cool little things.


So there are some of my vaping tips for conventions like ECC and Vape Summit. Vape Summit is coming up in Nov 7th and 8th in Houston. Hopefully you take some of my tips with heed! See you at the top!

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  • Feb 24, 2015


    I would highly suggest just attending your first convention. You don’t know what to expect, and like you stated, you could possibly be selling merchandise that others already have. Maybe if you’ve been to a few and you’ve got a handle on things, you might want to set up something unique other than selling but honestly, conventions are a great platform for you to simply learn.

    Hopefully that helps!


    — Taylor Thompson

  • Feb 23, 2015

    Great list of tips! As a reseller, I’m debating whether it’s worth getting a booth or simply attending to mingle and meet our fellow companies/competitors, many of them for the first time. I can see benefits to both scenarios, though we don’t have our own juice brand, which means anything we’d be selling would be readily available at other booths.


    — Vape Nation

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