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  • Best Starter Kit for Your Family and Friends
Best Starter Kit for Your Family and Friends

Do you have a family member that just can't afford, or won't fully grasp the high end/mechanical mod just yet? We unfortunately don't have any starter kits on our website, however we do support fully the cessation of smoking (obviously). With that being said, we have searched and read reviews far and wide for you and your closest family and friends to quit.


We've got a great starter kit that we feel will fully help your closest groups of family and friends quit smoking for good.  Innokin iTaste 134 Mini Variable Wattage Mod:




The general price for this guy is roughly $145.00 (depending on where you shop).  It comes in two colors: black and stainless steel. A protege of its big brother, Innokin iTaste 134 mod, the mini can fit in the palm of your hand. Now this may be a starter kit, but don't fool yoursef; this is a high end starter kit that should hopefully ensure cessation.


You can adjust wattage, see battery indicators, and it has a nifty little shut off system that when the firing button is left on for more than 10 seconds, it shuts itself off until the button has been released. Google the name, and it will most definitely pop up.


The price may seem a little steep, however it is definitely not too expensive to quit smoking.



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