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  • Making the Transition
Making the Transition


Going from being a smoker to a vaper can be somewhat difficult. There's a lot of jargon, new mechanical steps, where to go, what to buy, and it can all be very overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be!


Simply speaking, there's a lot of things to learn that can't all be posted in this blog, however there are some basics that can be covered. Things to know:


1. Vaping is not smoking. It is easy to compare the two considering vaping started off by being called electronic cigarettes. It makes sense to compare the two, however there is no smoke coming from any form of vaping, including electronic cigarettes. It is water vapor, not smoke. That distinction is definitely important to see.


2. Smoke shops are not vape shops. There are many smoke shops that do sell vaping equipment as in juice, etc, however, some smoke shop owners don't specialize in vaping mostly. There are some smoke shop owners who do know their stuff, but that isn't their claim to fame. Many vape shops are experts in what they do. They sell something they are passionate about and therefor, have a lot more information about vaping and so on. Try to hit up one of these shops for specific questions. And also, you can always email us or message us on Facebook and ask us questions regarding vaping as well.


3. You're never too young in your vaping life to vape high end products. You can always start vaping on mechanical mods new into your vaping life. And you can always vape high end flavors early on as well.  Of course it is overwhelming at first, and starting off on the vaping community full throttle is indeed possible, however you will need to do your research.


4. Tanks and dripping are different. Cartomizers tanks are in a way, a type of atomizer in which you can fill your ejuice through a screw hole in the top. This is a basic way to enjoy your juice easily and is especially preferred for beginners. Dripping is where you take the liquid and drip it directly onto the cotton next to the coil. Dripping allows for a more crisp flavor, however it can be a little more difficult.


5. PG and VG are combined to create different forms of vapor production. Higher VG allows for higher vapor production (clouds) and PG allows for more flavor and throat hit. Different juices have different ratios and there allow for different combinations. If you have questions on your PG/VG of a certain flavor of juice, you can always ask the juice maker.


If you have any questions, or have any suggestions on vaping blogs, please email us at: info@elevatedvaping.com

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