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  • How to Combat the Uncomfortable Part of Quitting
How to Combat the Uncomfortable Part of Quitting

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Stop Smoking; Start Vaping!

For those of you who have tried to quit smoking and just haven't yet, I understand the pain that you face. The fear of discomfort that happens from quitting is completely understandable, however it shouldn't stop you from actually doing the deed. The great thing is vaping really helps ease the anxiety of discomfort that smoking brings on people. Here are some tips that I have found help quitting (keep in mind that I am not a doctor and this is all opinion based):




Tips to Start Vaping and Quit Smoking

Understand what discomfort is. Discomfort is much different than pain. Discomfort is the feeling of anxiety due to the lack of normality that your body has created. In this instance, smoking is that comfort (no matter how many times it has actually hindered your health).


Try to get the right amount of sleep. Sleeping is important when combating the first few days of quitting. Sleep helps keep your body healthy in many different ways but when you have a high level of anxiety, we all know that smoking takes the edge off. It helps to be rejuvenated and feeling your best in all other ways.


Reach out to friends and the community. We are a family based community that understands the discomfort of quitting and all things vaping. If you have questions or need help, reach out. We are here to help.



How Vaping Combats the Discomfort of Quitting

What vaping does is it allows for a substitution of that comfort. Although many people do find that they still fell that level of discomfort when first quitting, I have heard from many of our friends in the vaping community that when they continue vaping, they completely feel free of smoke fairly soon. Vaping becomes many people's lifestyles and eventually, you probably won't even be able to pick up a cigarette and smoke.






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