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  • Juice of the Week: Strawberry Custard
Juice of the Week: Strawberry Custard


The moment we tried Captain's Custard so long ago... We knew. We knew it was the one of the best juices we have ever tried in the history of vaping. And it has lasted the test of time. Again and again, I go to vape it and it is just like the day I tried it for the first time. Freaking amazing.


Now that time has gone by, I have tried to find something custardy that accents the amazing tones of Captain's and I just couldn't find it... Until Next Level came out with the flavored custard line.


We've got: chocolate, strawberry, and banana, all ready for the taking and for you to try. But what's great about this week is you can pick up Strawberry Custard for a sweet discount this week only!


What's great firstly, is the flavor is pretty self-explanatory from the outside looking in. Strawberry. Custard. Simple enough, right? Well, yeah, but there's also an amazing surprise for you on the inside. For those of you who have tried Captain's Custard know that there's a lot more to this custardy treat than just simple custard tones.


So this fantastic and utterly irresistible juice is available to you with a new addition: sweet blends of fresh strawberries. And it is uh-mazing! The profile is complex in the most simple ways. It is like an amazing pastry that you can't help but finish. Only the best flavors are simple and subtly complex at the same time, and Strawberry Custard is just that. Fantastic.

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