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  • Hullabaloo and why it is Amazing
Hullabaloo and why it is Amazing


Hullabaloo is the latest and greatest flavor from Ragtime Vapor. Ragtime Vapor, as we have said in the past, creates pure perfection. The owner David, has strived for perfectly crafted and complex flavors. 


So, here's an example of how great Ragtime Vapor is. Their flavor, 23 Skidoo has 23 different types of flavors that combine to create a simply great vanilla custard. With that being said, Hullabaloo is an amazing flavor that we literally can't put down. It is fantastic, let me tell you. 


Hullabaloo is a creamy mix of vanilla with fresh blueberries and buttery gooeyness; the best ever blueberry scone. And you will absolutely adore it. The one thing I love about it is that this juice has a warming effect that will keep you remind you of home. It is a great juice that you can drip, which is my favorite thing to do as of late. One other great thing? This juice is on discount as juice of the week!! Uh-mazing! Get on it, people! 

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  • Oct 31, 2014


    We really appreciate the kind words, thank you so very much! Hullabaloo is an amazing juice that has been my all day vape for weeks on end. Hopefully you love it just as much as we do.

    We want to thank you for your continued patronage, and support.

    Thank you very much!!


    — Taylor Thompson

  • Oct 31, 2014

    I rarely Vape anything but Alpha Vapes Mr. Miyagiv and Manchu. I have in the past purchased other flavors from you and have yet to find one that I would purchase a second time other then my two all day, everyday, to die for Alpha juices. I’m ordering a couple bottles of my usual Mr Miyagi. But because you personally wrote such a high opinion of Hullabaloo I’m going outside of my juice box and am going to give Hullabaloo a chance to satisfy my very high standard for an ADV. I realize your not going to say anything derogatory about any of the juices you sell. Because if you did have anything negative to say you most likely wouldn’t be selling it. But if it doesn’t meet the build up and personal review you give it I won’t ever purchase anything other then my two all time favorites from Alpha Vapes. I promise after giving it a try i will write a review and be totally honest as I try to be anytime I give others my opinion because I’ve been burnt so many times in the beginning of my 2 year Vaping career by buying from a review and being very dissatisfied. I don’t blame anyone as any review is very subjective as our personal likes and dislikes differ greatly from person to person. But I’ve learned when reading your reviews and description of each juice to know when you really like one much better from another. I can’t wait to try Hullabaloo and if your interested giving my honest unbiased opinion when I get the chance to review it. Thanks to all of you at Elevated Vaping for treating your customers exactly how you would like to be treated. Your customer service and appreciation is second to none. For that reason I won’t purchase my juices from anyone else and I must point out less then a mile from my house in Portland, Oregon there is a very large Vape store. I could drive there, buy my juices and be home in 15 minutes and not have to worry about shipping costs and having to wait a couple days to receive them. thay sell my personal favorite Alpha juice and about 70% of the other juice manufacturers you offer at the exact same price. I’ve learned that allot of the time the manufacturers set the prices you have to sell for at a minimum. But I won’t step foot in that store ever again even if I was totally out of juice and I had to do without for a day or two while waiting for your shipment to arrive. I won’t go into it but early on I had a situation that they treated me so badly that I would never spend my hard earned money there ever again. You have a customer for life and I thank you for the times I’ve contacted you and you immediately took care of any problem I had with no questions asked. That means so much to me. Thank you

    — Bruce Brown

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