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Why Clones are not so Great

                                   Combat Clones at Elevated Vaping

 Cloning Kills Vaping Innovation

Clones... We've all heard of them, but some of us choose to ignore the facts about them. I, being a person who has had a family member be directly effected by the "clone" market in the furniture industry, am not a big fan of clones. The problems are continuous, but there is something that you can do as the educated consumer to try and sway the environment in which we buy our vaping products.

What Clones do to the Vaping Community

In case you're a-ok with buying clones (most people aren't) here are a few things about them you may not have thought about before.


1. Clones are copyright infringement. The problem right now in the vaping world is copyrighting isn't a huge deal yet because of its ever growing life cycle. That doesn't mean that it is ok to steal someone's design, however. This idea that someone else can take a photo of someone's mod or atomizer and literally just replicate it for cheaper doesn't excuse the situation because they don't have a copyright. It is still, in my opinion and the many opinions of others, a completely immoral idea that shouldn't be protected.


2. Clones steal jobs from other people. Clones are an all too real reality that happens in many industries. Someone works hard to create a product that they are proud of, and it ends up being cloned. What does this do for the person that worked so hard to get that product out in the market? Well, sometimes, it can most definitely put that person out of business; in the very least, it can cause many owners to start cutting back on costs, and thus laying off employees. 


3. Clones hamper the evolution of vaping. We want to be respected as a community of people who have decided to quit smoking. With that being said, vapers who make and/or buy clones from the clone market do make our community look poor in the eyes of people that have no idea about what we're doing and what we're about. It is up to us as consumers to be responsible and help our own cause. 


4. It negatively effects vaping shops. For the shops that sell the "real deal," it is hard to continue to do so when clones come around. I know many shop owners that find that they can't sell their high quality mods because the clone market has taken over in such a way that it dries up the consumer base. Obviously, this can effect our community in many different negative ways. 


How to Combat Clones in the Vaping Community


1. Don't buy clones!!!! This is an obvious perspective from my post. I highly suggest that vapers should just stay away from it... entirely.


2. Stay educated. Know the clones, and know the real products. Know who sells the originals (vape shops) and know who doesn't. Understand what clones do to the market. This will continue to grow recognition and understanding of the situation in which the vaping world exists.


3. If it is too good to be true, it usually is. When a price on a Le Petit Gros comes to you at $25.00, know that it is probably a clone. That low of a price for such a high-end mod like that is probably a clone price, so be careful. 


4. Be responsible. Being a responsible vaper means sometimes having to pass up the "cheap" option to obtain the right option. This word, "right" can be used in many different ways. Right as in, "the best quality," right as in, "the right thing to do," and right as in knowing what will benefit the entirety of the vaping community as a whole. And with enough affordable, new products out there, like the Sub Box Mini, clones shouldn't be an issue any more!


So there you are, guys, hopefully this helps and I hope you all enjoy your legit gear that you are all vaping out of! 

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Comments on this post ( 11 )

  • Nov 18, 2015

    clones all day! why buy something expensive when you can get it for cheaper? doesn’t make any sense especially in the retail industry. if they wanted to they could pay to have their ideas trademarked and then for sure no one could steal their idea but the fact is clones help the vaping community. if it wasn’t for clones many people wouldnt vape in the first place due to the ridiculous prices. so keep your tears and moaning to yourself. and no its not stealing…stealing implies something illegal. making clones is 100% fair game.

    — your daddy

  • Oct 17, 2015

    I’ve had my fair share of mods and personally clones are usually a higher quality than the authentic, for example I have a cherry bomber clone which came with magnets in the button if I would have gotten the authentic I would not have only spent 200 dollars more I wouldn’t have gotten the magnets in the button. I feel like if it would have had a spring like in the authentic it that I wouldn’t be able to use it due to the fact that cherry bombers have issues firing due to design flaws in the button. So for the $38.00 I spent I got higher quality mod vs the $250 I would’ve been really disappointed if I had gotten an authentic, fact of the matter is I got a better deal

    — sid

  • Sep 25, 2015

    It does not matter if you believe a mod is “over-priced” or you don’t think they spent enough on R&D.

    Buying clones is just another form of theft and these pathetic arguments are no justification, period.

    And yes, if you can’t afford a genuine product you shouldn’t vape. You’re full of it anyways, you have plenty to spend on vaping, you just prefer stealing better products to leave more money for others.

    Unfortunately this type of justification pervades the vaping community as well as every other community.

    Thieves are thieves and thieves suck.

    — John

  • Dec 31, 2014

    You people commenting are a bunch of jokers , making excuses for why you think its ok to buy clones , its pretty sad actually. You obviously want to run around looking like you spent that “exorbitant” amount of money or you wouldnt buy that shit in the first place. People say , “I cant afford to buy authentic” those are the same idiots that have a $6k worth of clones , its rediculous. There are plenty of affordable options out there but the losers that want to look cool with their Glas mod clone will never go that road , why? because they want to show people they own a $400 mech that really only cost $20 but no one knows and I look super cool. Those are the idiots that need to make an argument why its ok to buy stolen designs and logos. Im guilty of owning some clones myself but that was before I knew better , now there is no excuse for me to buy stolen ideas. So if I want something really bad , I work really hard for it. Just because you want something doesnt give you the right to just go and take it.

    — matty d

  • Oct 28, 2014

    John, yes sure, there are clones in every market, however, it is highly illegal to do so. I don’t see many clones of Apple products lying around. If there is a circuit board that has seemed to be duplicated, a patent was released and other designs resemble the product but can’t be replicated. I totally agree with you that on the idea that many mods are very expensive, however, we shouldn’t justify and propagate the act of stealing.

    — Taylor

  • Oct 28, 2014

    Manuel, absolutely not, like stated in the previous comment before, there are many affordable alternatives that can be found in this market. I myself, can’t afford the expensive mods out there, however, I make it work to where I’m not buying clones.

    — Taylor

  • Oct 28, 2014

    Vapor boi, we understand that some prices of mods are way too high. We never made comments contradicting this idea. We have shown throughout our time of being in business that we have never sold overly priced mods, but there is still no defense to stealing someone’s design. There are many legit products that aren’t too over priced. The Le Petit Gros, Lifestyle Mod, etc are all legit products at a reasonable price. Both of these products listed have been cloned. There is no defense to this that we can see.

    — Taylor

  • Oct 27, 2014

    Clones do not harm mod makers, clones work as advertising for mod makers. When people try to keep the cost of their goods high with bogus claims of r&d quality they cannot claim the moral high ground. Check any vape site selling originals, items that are available as clones elsewhere are sold out, other items are still on the shelf because they haven’t had the clone created hype. As long as clones are not sold as originals there’s no foul, I’m fed up with all the spurious arguments about people’s jobs and Chinese factories. The only people butt hurt are the folks who like to show off their spending power

    — paul

  • Oct 26, 2014

    It won’t end or get any better, EVERYTHING we use is a clone of something else. IBM were forced to go open source with their chipset leading to the PCs’ we use today. Every mobile phone uses cloned technology in their boards and chipsets. Every car’s on board computer is a clone of others. Even the computer in your washing machine and the frame design is a clone. So is the board in your microwave. Stealing logos are wrong end of. But we are surrounded by clones no matter where we live, damn even the landline you use is a clone of the original design and chips. As long as originals are made outside of china and have huge overheads leading to huge prices then people will gladly buy the cloned version. To be honest even if I was a millionaire I wouldn’t pay £££££££ for a steel or brass metal tube with a true value of a tenner. I just wouldn’t. It’s a waste of money.

    — John

  • Oct 26, 2014

    Sorry, but a metal tube is a metal tube is a metal tube. Sticking a design on it does not warrant $100 plus. Ever. Besides, a lot of the time, the clone improves on the original design. Place a realistic price point on your original, people will buy it. Sell 1000s at a small margin or 100 at your exorbitant pricing. One gets your product into the most hands at the same profit For you, one makes you feel like you are the armarni of mods…….keep that up, i’ll keep putting my money in the cloners pockets.

    — vapor boi

  • Oct 25, 2014


    — Manuel

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