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  • A Puzzling and Perplexing Situation
A Puzzling and Perplexing Situation

I was thinking randomly the other day that cigarettes are everywhere. Without fail, without cause, without reason (other than making money off of our addiction). And then I thought about how hard it is for vaping to stay in this country. We, as a community, are fighting to stay alive.


In some ways, I understand the importance of regulating some of the areas in vaping; it is still a turbulent wild west in an ever growing product life cycle, however, it seems so hard to get vaping into the public eye; in a positive light.


Why? Well, there's the obvious reasons that we all believe we know. Big Tobacco doesn't want vaping to be regulated, which I all feel we know. Money, money, money. Money makes the world, and big tobacco go round.


This is the problem that seems to fuel big tobacco even more; ignorance. Ignorance continues to fuel the perpetual opposition to vaping and e-cigarettes alike. When you have politicians making rash statements about vaping and the unknown harms of water vapor to people as, "second hand smoke," you have people who don't know the difference, believing it.


I may not know much about medicine and chemistry, but I do know certain things. After I meet people who have just quit, they notice an immediate positive difference in vaping as apposed to cigarettes. I also know that many people who have quit can't pick up a cigarette ever again because it literally makes them sick.


As the time passes by and these bills and regulations keep coming up, we need to stay up to date on what is consistently happening. The easiest way is to keep an eye out on these important situations is by keeping an eye out on vaping sites, blogs, and even Twitter and Facebook posts. Also, you can always check out the American Vaping Association for all of the latest on all things vaping.


If there is a call to action that you see, take the five minutes to sign the petition, call the congressman/woman, etc. It is worth it to take down big tobacco and keep vaping alive!




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