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Vaping Etiquette

   Vaping Etiquette

 Vaping Etiquette in a Changing World

Before working in vaping, I used to work at a very large restaurant chain (I prefer to not name the restaurant, you most definitely know it though). When I was serving one night in 2011 roughly, vaping wasn't as known as it is right now.


I was serving a man in the restaurant who started to vape from an e-cigarette. I was literally stunned. Now, like I stated before, this was before vaping was very known and both me and my managers were floored. How rude?!


Well, after speaking with him regarding what I thought was lighting and smoking a cigarette right in front of me at a restaurant, he went on to explain that it was an e-cig and the components being exhaled was simply water vapor. 


My managers didn't know what to do, so they told him to still stop vaping in the restaurant. He became very aggravated and ended up leaving the restaurant.


Well time has passed and I obviously know more than I did then, but I still firmly believe in having some sort of conscious respect for the people around us while we vape. Just because we quit smoking doesn't mean we have to persistently annoy those around us. And yes, I say it bluntly, but vaping can sometimes annoy others around us. Here are some tips for us vapers when we are doing our thing.


Guidelines to Consider

Don't vape around people's kids. It may sound kind of harsh, but I would highly suggest not vaping around parents and their kids. You know how protective you are of your kids, so just imagine how someone might feel if they didn't know you were simply vaping (and producing) water vapor? Even if it is "legal" and it technically isn't "hurting" anyone, the idea of vaping is still fairly new and even the faintest idea of second hand smoke scares parents.


Don't vape in an indoor/public facility (if you can help it). Once again, some people don't understand what vaping is, and even if they do, vaping right in front of their face can seem inconsiderate. If anything, try and step outside when vaping. Even me as a vaper gets annoyed when people are vaping inside of a restaurant; especially when in most counties in California you can't anymore legally. If anything, ask permission before vaping. Being considerate goes a long way, but don't be surprised if you get turned down.


Don't drip and drive. I know, it's difficult and this doesn't have too much to do with etiquette per-say, but it does affect others around you and can affect them in a negative way. The reasons for this is obvious. It's like drinking and driving, texting and driving, eating and driving, etc. We all have responsibilities as drivers first and vapers second. Being aware and considerate of the other drivers around you will not only keep them safe, but you safe as well. Secondly, for those vapers who do have kids, it is a great example to your children while you are driving to be responsible.


Practice stealth vaping in public. Vaping is not smoking; we all in the vaping world understand that completely. With that being said, there is nothing wrong with practicing stealth vaping if you really need to. What this means is basically refraining from being a cloud chaser in public. From an outside prospective, it seems arrogant and rude. You can vape without blowing huge clouds around where people are eating, playing, working, etc.


Now I know a few of you may get mad and say, "It isn't smoking, so what gives?" I understand where you're coming from, but we have to think about where we are as a vaping community as a whole and where we want to be in the future. We are a brand new product in a wild west atmosphere. People are already judging us and using that scrutiny to pass laws against what we do, where we do it, how we do it. What others don't understand is what we do helps people as well. If we act like the arrogant vapers that some people believe us to be, than we won't be able to help people to the capacity that we want.


Pretty simply put: let's keep the big picture in mind. If we act professionally and appropriately, we will get a better response from the outside community that don't know any better, and maybe it will help us in the long run.


So there you go, folks! My vaping etiquette 101.






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  • Nov 27, 2014

    I totally agree with you about vaping in public & how manners & being considerate goes a long way.
    When I first started vaping I would get a little annoyed when people would shoot me nasty looks when vaping in front of them but now I kinda understand. As you mentioned a lot of it is they actually think we are smoking so now I try not to vape where you can’t smoke. If needs be I’ll have a sneaky stealthy.
    Also love that Elevated Vaping have a part about vaping etiquette on there website.
    I am so passionate about vaping & have met some amazing people & made some great friends. Smoking is old hat, vaping is the future.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

    Andy Stenhouse

    — Andy Stenhouse

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