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  • Box Mods are the Future
Box Mods are the Future


We all remember when the mechanical metal mods were the future. Everyone was scrambling to find the best (and sometimes most expensive) pieces. Now we aren't saying that these mechanical mods aren't still very valuable or awesome to have and use, but box mods are quickly becoming a phenomenon in the vaping community.


It all started (in my opinion) with the Gepetto Box Mod. I remember thinking to myself, "Wow those look incredible," and they still are. I knew the minute I saw those beautiful mods that this was going to be an amazing turning point.


So where are we at now? Well for starters, we have unique and amazing products that are being created: Hana Modz (in many different sizes and colors), ATB wooden box mod, Axis wood mods, ACKED wooden box mods, etc. I could go on for hours talking about why box mods are my fave, but let me shorten down the list of why box mods are the future.


The quality in a box mod is very easy to see. The most important part of a box mods is this. You can see the handy work from the modder more clearly when looking at wooden box mods as well as a mod like the Hana. You can see the chipping, nicks, or even the finely grated threading for the atty. You can also see the amazing craftsmanship and labor poured into each individual piece. If you get a product in the mail, or go to a convention to pick up a box mod, and you see poor quality right off the bat, you can either return what you have received or buy something else. This makes many so many people's lives easier.


It is difficult to clone a box mod. Sure, you can clone the Hana's, as we've seen, but they really seem to be the exception to the rule as of right now. When it comes to the hand crafted box mods, it seems really difficult to clone something that comes from a place of ingenuity and imagination.


Each wooden box mod is unique. I have seen some amazing posts of wooden box mods by some good friends of mine, and the game keeps evolving. Each photo is unique and beautiful, which gives each vaper the feeling of control and customization to their vaping lifestyle.


Box mods are pretty affordable. Compared to the prices that we have been seeing with mechanical mods, it is a breath of fresh air that I can go to a convention and pick up an awesome mod for $100.00. Even retail prices for many mods are very affordable considering the prices that have been paid for other mechanical mods.


The box mod game is ever evolving. The game just keeps changing and progressing into some pretty awesome things that I have seen. Different materials are being used, along with new and innovative ideas (like the squonker) which really add a game changer to the mix. It is fun watching these products grow and mold into something that we all want to be a part of.


It is pretty awesome to see how far these products have come in mere months. I remember in April when box mods were really the newest and oddest thing. Now, it hasn't even been six months and we've seen a revolution evolve right before our every eyes. I am happy to see what is around the corner.



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  • Nov 19, 2014

    I’vd got a Sigelei 100W. Running the YiHi SX330 V3 chip and a price point of $100, it’s been a great box mod for an affordable price. The magnetic battery cover is hella convenient, and the styling is neat. With the sleek squared off design and offset 510 connector, it has a tastefully unique look. It’s solid as heck and easy to use. Plus box mods are just plain awesome.

    — John

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