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  • Why Lush is so.... Lush
  • Taylor Thompson
Why Lush is so.... Lush

                              Lush by Nick's Blissful Brews at Elevated Vaping

All the Details on Nick's Blissful Brews

Nick's Blissful Brews is a great line that just simply makes fantastic juice. Plain and simple. We've loved the maker of this juice, Nick, and his line from day one. He produces great liquid; including our juice of the week: Lush.

Lush's Flavor Profile

Lush is this juice of the week this week, and let me tell you more about this. This was literally my favorite juice for weeks on end. It is creamy, simply/complex, and just purely delicious. It is on my high list of favorite juices of all time and now you have the perfect opportunity to try this strawberry shortcake-esq juice with our juice of the week special.


This is the perfect time to try out Nick's Blissful Brews at a discount and pick up some Lush... it's so Lush! 

  • Taylor Thompson

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