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  • King's Crest E Liquid is Simply Awesome
King's Crest E Liquid is Simply Awesome


King's Crest E Liquid is Mind Blowing

King's Crest truly launched at Vape Summit Houston and blew us all away; blew us all away enough to win Best in Show at Vape Summit in Houston! We are proud to have them be a part of the Elevated Vaping family! Literally every e liquid flavor is fantastically layered, complex, and unique. It truly is astonishing to see a line that has mastered so many flavors so perfectly well and yet, King's Crest continues to do so. 

King's Crest E Liquid Flavor Profiles

There are six flavors that King's Crest offers (all of which are truly awesome): 


1. Duchess: this juice is the winner of Vape Summit Houston's "Best in Show." This creamy tres leche milk cake will blow your mind. 


2. Duke: this creamy custard has something about it that we just can't put our finger on, but it is fantastic. If you're looking for a new custard all day vape, then this juice is for you!


3. Don Juan: this juice is a pecan pie that you don't want to miss. Buttery pecan pie filling, flaky golden crust, and vanilla undertones combine to create a simply fabulous juice. This juice will definitely be a new favorite, if you enjoy dessert vapes; which I thoroughly do. 


4. Blue Queen: this juice is an exotic blend of: cotton candy, blue raspberry, kiwi, and hibiscus... GET OUT! It is ridiculously good. Unique, well balanced, and perfect. 


5. Empire: Sweet. Rum. Raisin. Are you kidding me??? This juice is what you should be looking for if you are into unique dessert vapes (which I truly am). It reminds me of the raisin cake that my mom used to bake. Out of this world juice and definitely an all day vape.


6. Monarch: Monarch is a strawberry, banana cream juice. It is light, airy, and unique. This juice really does remind me of a banana split with glazed strawberries and whipped cream.


There you go, guys. This line is really remarkable in all ways. We can't express these flavors enough positively. If you are looking for a great juice (which is why you shop with us) then King's Crest is a great place to start.

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