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  • Aspire by Atlantis... My thoughts
Aspire by Atlantis... My thoughts

                 The Atlantis Tank by Aspire at Elevated Vaping


The Atlantis Tank; the Start of a Vaping Revolution!

The Aspire by Atlantis has been rocking the vaping world and I really think that this clearomizer deserves all of the notoriety it has been getting. This clearomizer allows for huge vapor production (four airflow controls at the base of the tank) and clean/crisp taste. How many of you have been getting frustrated with dripping? My cotton gets dry while I'm driving and I don't drip and drive (I promise). With that being said, I get frustrated.


Obviously, when it comes to the Atlantis, you don't have as much maintenance to take notice of. You do have coils that you will have to replace about twice a week (in my own personal vaping style). You can get affordable coils on our site, actually, by licking HERE! What will happen when you are vaping (especially on a box mod like the IPV3) you may possibly get an LED notification that will read, "Check Atomizer." If you're using a mechanical mod, you will find that the atomizer just doesn't work. Keep that in mind when you are stumped. Lol.


What I love about the Atlantis Tank by Aspire

Ok so there are a few things that I really enjoy about this piece:


1. Clean construction. Every portion of this atomizer is clean. The threading for every intricate piece, the tip, the switching section of air holes for air flow, etc. are all amazingly well crafted. For the price (and this is our pricing) of $34.99 it is pretty fantastic that you can get such high quality products for such a low price.


2. Adjustable airflow. The adjustable airflow piece allows for blowing huge clouds (which is my current setting) or for public settings where the smaller clouds are more suitable. See my, "Vaping Etiquette," if you're a bit confused. Either way, the adjustable airflow is a great little added piece to the Atlantis.


3. Easy maintenance, huge coils. When you take apart your Atlantis for the first time, you will notice how absolutely huge the coil is! What's so great about this is the ease of keeping up the coils. No muss, no fuss. Just unscrew the coil from the base, and whala! You can replace your coil easily. Also, if you were wanting to rebuild your coil (for instance, adding some of our Japenese Sumo Cotton) to your coil instead of the basic mesh, then you could easily do so because the coils are so HUGE!


4. Like stated before... Clean Taste!! The Atlantis by Aspire really supplies an amazing clean taste! If you've been resisting this clearomizer for fear of the clean/crisp taste, you need to try this tank. This atomizer supplies fresh taste that you have never tried before.


So with all of this being said, we look forward to the new and improved updates that Aspire continues to produce. Let's do a happy dance!!

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