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  • Sweet Tooth... a Sweet Deal
Sweet Tooth... a Sweet Deal

Sweet Tooth by Alpha Vape... One of the Best All Day Vapes

Sweet Tooth by Alpha Vape is our juice of the week this week! (And by the way, did you like my pun above?? Yeah, I try.)


This juice has been one of my favorite's for over a year and a half. This juice is blissfully good in many ways; it's lightly sweet, simply smooth, and beautifully crafted. Vapor production is fantastic and it gives the perfect throat hit.


Sweet Tooth's Flavor Profile

Sweet Tooth is a sugar cookie with light vanilla undertones that undulate with each inhale and creates a magnificent exhale. That is simply what Sweet Tooth is and I can't explain it better than it tastes; so you're just going to have to pick up this juice. You'll thank me later.


Sweet Tooth comes as low as 0mg and 3mg in nicotine strength all the way up to 18mg. This juice is great for dripping in your new 454 Big Block and also great for your new Atlantis tank as well as any other tank that you may have.


Now until the end of this week (Sunday) you can get this incredible juice at a great deal.


(Image Supplied by Alpha Vape)

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  • Sep 07, 2015

    Sweet Tooth is one of my new favorite juices. Just the smell of it alone makes my tastebuds want to throw a party! It’s extremely smooth but I order the higher nic level since I like a healthy throat hit when I vape. I’m also a diabetic and this flavor really satisfies my sweet tooth… so my blood glucose levels also love this juice! Thank you Elevated Vape staff for suggesting it and for your super amazing friendly and extremely generous customer service!

    — Jeffrey Lipsky

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