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A little about the IPV 3

IPV 3 Box Mod is Live on the Site!

We have stated on social media before that we are big fans of this box mod. The IPV 3 came out roughly two months ago and it has been making a big scene in the vaping world.


This variable wattage box mod allows for some amazing clouds and a great throat hit with a wattage that can go up to 150 watts!! Are you kidding me??

What we love about the IPV 3 Box Mod...

Well, there are other things that I really enjoy about this mod besides the 150 watts. First of all, I don't even vape higher than 30 watts. It seems a tad bit too much to go to 150 watts; I haven't met anyone who hits that much wattage in my life. Honestly, I don't even agree with hitting 150 watts; unless you want to breath fire and burn out your lungs (just my opinion.)


So with that, I will talk a little bit about what I love about this mod:


1. It is so fresh. Meaning, I love the way this thing looks. I have a silver plated IPV, and my boss has the midnight black plated mod. We both love the look of ours and you will too. The sleek design of the IPV is simple, yet beautiful.


      This is my IPV 3... so pretty... :)


2. Sturdy build. The IPV3 is a brick in a good way. The buttons are tightly screwed yet not too stiff. The backing has little screws that are kind of a pain, but the threading is clean and the screws come off easily with your own screw driver.


3. Variable wattage settings. The IPV3 has 5 power settings where you can set wattage settings to your liking. This is a neat little added option that Pioneer 4 U has created.


4. Power button option. 5 clicks will turn this guy on/off; which is nice for me. There have been maybe times (and I'm sure in your experiences as well) where I fire my mod in my pocket... No online likes a firing pocket.


Really quickly, I would like to add one thing that everyone should keep in mind. The USB port that is added to this package is not for charging; only for updates. Please keep that in mind!


Well, there you go guys, enjoy your IPV3 and show us some photos some time on IG and Facebook!!

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