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IPV Mini is Here!!!

The IPV 3 is great, and now, we've got the IPV Mini now in store because we just had a feeling they would be just as awesome... and they are!


The IPV Mini is a sturdy, beautifully crafted adjustable wattage mod that we are very excited to carry on the site. Although this mod is a, "mini," it really is crafted in a fantastic way. Here's some information:


1. The IPV Mini is built in a very big way. What do I mean by this?? Well, this adjustable wattage box mod is built exceptionally well. The adjustable wattage buttons are sturdy and in no way, loose. Sometimes with smaller box mods, I find that the buttons are loosey goosey and feels cheap in my hands. The IPV Mini is definitely not one of these mods. Also, the buttons are pretty easy to understand. Look at this photo below to see the adjustable wattage buttons: easy schpeezy.



2. The battery is totally easy to take out. One thing that currently annoys me with my IPV 3 is the little screws that I have to unscrew. I normally end up dropping the screw somehow on the floor; which annoys me to no end. The IPV Mini has an unscrew-able bottom piece that allows for easy removal of you 18650 battery in which you can pick up HERE!


3. Goes to 30 watts but hits like a truck. Yeah, the IPV Mini only goes to 30 watts, but it honestly doesn't feel as if it is at 30 watts if you're vaping that high. Here I was saying in my IPV 3 post that 150 watts is too much and in my opinion, isn't worth even trying to vape at. Here, we've got the IPV Mini that goes up to only 30 watts and yet, it feels like the throat hit is harder than that; which is good if you've recently quit or just like a good throat hit.


4. We've got it priced at an excellent price. The IPV Mini is a great price at $54.99!! You can get a gorgeous, sleek, and reliable mod for a great price right HERE!


Well, there you have it folks, the basics of the IPV Mini that comes to mind when I vape off of this excellent piece.

  • IPV MiniIPV Mini ReviewNew Box Mods

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