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  • Best Starter Kits Version 2.0
Best Starter Kits Version 2.0

I wrote a blog back in October about the best starter kit I could find online. Ironically, I come to find out that we have just picked up that very mod that I spoke about and if you didn't know, we are an online shop! Lol. On that note, the Innokin iTaste 134 is here at Elevated Vaping!   



This monster of a starter kit mod (photo shown above) is a beautiful piece, fashionable and most definitely high end. When I posted back in the beginning of October, I found prices for the Innokin iTaste 134 mini for $134.99 roughly. Cool enough, we have the full sized iTaste 134 for $59.99! You can pick up the iTaste HERE!


This variable wattage mod goes up to 12.5 watts and has a LED light that measures your 18650 battery life. Along with the variable wattage, this mod is built insanely well and is very sturdy for a starter kit. This mod is high end, sleek and stylish and is definitely worth the buy!


The iTaste 134 is a great mod for any level of vaper. I have met some advanced vapers that have told me that this mod is their primary device. For those of you who just vape and don't need to blow massive clouds, this mod is for you. Because this mod hits 12.5 watts, there is no way to create a high enough out put to create ginormous clouds; keep that in mind.


So if you're looking for a sturdy mod with great built accent pieces, this mod is a great buy for you!


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