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  • Pencil by Must Vape... Why it's your all day vape
Pencil by Must Vape... Why it's your all day vape

 Pencil by Must Vape is Amazing

Pencil by Must Vape has blown my mind since the moment I tried it back in April of 2013. Must Vape had just launched and when I tried this flavor I knew... nothing could compare.

All things Must Vape does encompasses, "Exceptional Quality," (Must Vape website). With that being said, all of their flavors are awesomely smooth.


Have you yet to try Pencil? Well, here is all you need to know.

1. Unique, yet amazing flavor profile. Pear crisp... Like the apple crisp that you have tried at your favorite restaurant yet with pear. Creamy pear combines with vanilla undertones and a buttered crust coated with sugar to create one of the best dessert vapes you've ever tried.


2. Smooth creaminess. This juice sounds sweet, and it is, but it isn't so sweet to where the throat hit is too much. We all know how I feel about super sweet flavors. Can bee a bit much; where as this juice isn't too much whatsoever.


3. Pencil is great for dripping and will be your all day vape. Pencil can be dripped no problem and tastes absolutely fantastic. This juice comes in 0MG and 3MG, which as where we know, is great for dripping. Along with that, you will absolutely adore Pencil as your next all day vape!


4. Pencil is the juice of the week this week! You can get this juice at a great discount all week long, which is super great! Pick up Pencil in 15ml, 30ml, or 120ml bottles HERE!


Alright guys, there you go! The need-to-know's regarding Pencil by Must Vape! Pick up this all day vape today! 


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