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  • A Year of Vaping... Synapses
A Year of Vaping... Synapses

What Have I Learned in the Vaping Community?

I have worked in the vaping community for a year now already this month! Oh my gosh, how did this happen? I am a college student full time and I was offered a position working here. All of a sudden, my life changed! I became enveloped in all things vaping: new techniques, the best juice that I could get my hands on, and vaping conventions... oh vaping conventions; my new favorite love. I honestly didn't see everything becoming so enveloped, and yet, I was caught up in a whirl wind of all things vaping!


I didn't even quit smoking and yet I loved everything about vaping. I loved speaking with people that have changed their lives, love helping in ways that I didn't know how. I feel truly blessed to be a part of such an amazing community where people can stand together and support each other in such huge life decisions.


So things I have learned in a year (this is truly opinion based by the way):


1. It never hurts to ask questions. Need help? Ask a question. Vaping can be complicated and confusing. Need to know what battery to use on your device? What tank to use? You can always ask. There are Facebook forums, online forums, and you can always ask us. We've got your back. ;)


2. Tanks can be really helpful. Even if you're not starting out, you can always use a tank. The thing about tanks that many people aren't very fond of is the idea that tanks don't blow clouds as much as people would like. Until recently, there didn't seem to be many options. Well, we think there are a few solutions. The Atlantis by Aspire is in my opinion, the answer. I'm sure you've heard about it before but I can't help but stress the amazing qualities about this glassomizer. The vapor production, throat hit, and taste is comparable to drippers. So even if you're a dripper fan, the Atlantis is a great accommodation in an affordable sense.

You can get the Atlantis by clicking HERE!! 


3. High-end products have become a lot more affordable. When I first started in this vaping world, there were mods that were running for $400-$1000. There is in no way that I could have afforded great products for those prices. Although, the timetable of any product lifestyle is at first very quick and steep in any business, and vaping is no different. With that being said, I feel as if the peek has leveled off. Although there are still may products that are higher than the normal price, I feel as if there are many comparable products at a great price. 


4. Variable wattage is becoming more of a trend. I have noticed that so many devices that have been released allow for variable wattage settings. This is awesome to me for so many reasons that seem pretty obvious. If you aren't receiving enough of a throat hit, then you up the wattage and BOOM. More throat hit!


The vaping community is a wonderful world that continues to evolve and come under scrutiny seemingly at the same time as it evolves. With that being said, this community is something that I truly believe in and I feel that we should all fight to preserve. This next year I truly look forward to consistently working towards future goals and seeing this wonderfully awesome community grow.

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