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  • Vaping... the "douchebag mating call???" I think not.
Vaping... the "douchebag mating call???" I think not.



You all know what I think about vaping etiquette. I posted about vaping etiquette a few weeks ago, which you can read HERE. You know that although I vape, I do believe in having some sort of "manners" so to speak in the vaping world.


With that being said, I don't believe that all vapers are, "douches." There are douchey qualities about all things: snowboarders/surfers, golfers/baseball players, musicians, literally everyone in every community has the tendency to have a few douches thrown in here and there and vaping is no different.


Why am I speaking about this? Well, right before the New Year, I ran across a blog from this random coffee shop owner that was super upset about vapers and how they are all "douches," and other profanities that I don't wish to add. I am not going to fully respond to every point that this guy made because I don't want to feed the haters out there, but I did want to make a few comments about the community as a whole.

Whether you're a beginner vaper, a seasoned veteran, or somewhere in between, we are all a community and we should work together to not seem like jerks. I honestly don't think that we go out of our way to be douches, but there are some douchey things that vaping can do to have a propensity as being "douchey." 

When I was at ECC, there was a board of vaping, what I like to call, "scholars," from all around the country. When the term, "etiquette," came up, I did hear the term that being a jerk can lead to a damaging of the vaping movement. I have to agree in some ways with this.

Although we shouldn't care what others think of us, it is important to leave somewhat of a positive vibe on others that don't understand what we're all about so that one day they support us in the future. Once again, you can always read my vaping etiquette blog to understand more of what I'm talking about but this isn't my goal to talk about today.

I just want to address that no matter what people say: vaping is truly quitting, people shouldn't inhale anything other than air, etc. you should just keep on vaping. That's all I have to say. Vaping has saved many people's lives and helped quitting. That's the focus and that's what I think we should keep in mind. Forget the douchey comments, and vape on!




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