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Why Space Jam E Juice is Special

Space Jam E Juice Synapses

Space Jam E Juice prides itself on pioneering the vaping industry. Starting in 2012, Space Jam Robo Fuel has created a vaping empire.Space Jam created the first, "high-end," flavors back in the day when flavors where single flavors were the talk of the town. Space Jam decided to create flavors that were multi-dimensional and different tones. They completely shook up the vaping industry and continue to do so with by "pioneering," the industry. With their wide array of unique and undulating flavors, Space Jam continues to show that they are in this game for the long haul, and we are proud to carry them in our shop. So what I'm going to go over today is a few of my favorite flavors from Space Jam. So let's dive in!

Astro by Space Jam E Juice

Astro by Space Jam E Juice combines aromatic flavors of granny smith apples, peaches, and a sweet exhale of strawberries. This juice is great for dripping and a tank. The flavors are perfectly crafted and layered to create your next all day vape. This juice is light and purely aromatic and not too sweet whatsoever. I definitely would suggest this juice to anyone who is looking for a new all day vape to be added to your rotation. 

Andromeda by Space Jam E Juice

Andromeda by Space Jam E Juice creates an out of this world experience for beginner vapers and veterans alike. Blueberries, pomegranate, and a hint of cream are the flavor profiles that will blow your mind. Andromeda has been a flavor that has been hailed for years now as one of the best as years continue to pass. If you haven't tried this incredible juice, you definitely should.

Pluto by Space Jam E Juice

Pluto by Space Jam is an incredible juice. Really, one of my favorites. Sweet melon combine with bubble mint to create a completely unique flavor that will entice your senses and liven your vaping experience! This juice is absolutely great on an RDA, however, a tank works perfectly amazing!

The cool thing about Space Jam, is they have come out with amazing flavor after amazing flavor. New flavors like Galactica and Venus continue to set the standards high and blow our mind.


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