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  • Hendershot by Omega Vape; one of the best Tobaccos
  • Caramel and TobaccoHendershotHendershot by Omega VapeOmega VapeOmega Vape E Juice
Hendershot by Omega Vape; one of the best Tobaccos

Hendershot E Liquid by Omega Vape

Hendershot by Omega Vape is our juice of the week this week! Because we are selling this great juice of the week at a discount, we thought that we would share a bit about this all day vape.

Omega Vape Background

Let's start out first about Omega Vape as a juice manufacturer as a whole. Omega Vape started fairly recently from Alpha Vape frontman; Sam. Alpha Vape and Omega Vape have been crafted to compliment each other in opposites ends of the all day vaping spectrum. With Alpha Vape catering more towards sweet flavor profiles, Sam and his team thought it would be best to create a line that would surround itself in the savory flavor bases; and with that, Omega Vape was born. Starting with three flavors: Santeria, Breeze, and Chronos, Omega has grown to a five flavored juice line that all encompass amazing flavors that are savory sweet.


Hendershot by Omega Vape

The original Omega Vape lineup campaign design for Elevated is listed above... A little throw back. ;)


The Hendershot E Juice Scoop

So with the beginning of Omega Vape being covered, it's now time to talk about my favorite part: the JUICE and Hendershot is one of my favorite e liquid flavors of all time... and by favorite, I'm not over exaggerating.

I first tried Hendershot truly at ECC with my good Alpha/Omega Vape buddies and boy was I blown away. I vaped it all day, night, and a week straight afterwards. I am not normally a huge tobacco fan until I try something that blows my mind and Hendershot truly blew my mind.

Why is Hendershot so amazing?? 

Have you ever tried Sweet Tooth by Alpha Vape? Hendershot is a combination of Alpha Vape's super popular flavor, Sweet Tooth combined with honeyed tobacco. An absolutely perfect flavor profile. Sugar, graham cracker buttery tones, and doughy goodness fuse with a fantastic tobacco flavor that creates a sensational e juice.

What I truly love about this tobacco flavor is the fact that the sugar cookie undertones match the tobacco perfectly. Sure, it is easy to say that sugar and baked goods go well with tobacco, but that doesn't mean that it is easy to craft. With that being said, I really have found that the creators of this juice have perfected the tobacco experience and taken it to a new level. This juice flavor is one that if you haven't tried yet; you should and well guess what?? You can with Hendershot being this week's juice of the week at Elevated Vaping!

  • Caramel and TobaccoHendershotHendershot by Omega VapeOmega VapeOmega Vape E Juice

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