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Jimmy the Juice Man... Has Arrived!

Happy Dance for Jimmy the Juice Man!!

Jimmy the Juice man at Elevated Vaping


Jimmy the Juice Man; you've heard about this e liquid line, but have you tried it? Or maybe you've tried this e liquid but you can't seem to find this line in stock anywhere else... Well don't you worry, friend, it's here now and stocked. You're welcome. So want to know more about this line? I will tell you all you need to know.


So Jimmy, owner and manufacturer of Jimmy the Juice Man started his vaping liquid creations in Chicago a few years ago that were crafted for his own personal use. After realizing how amazing his flavors were being perceived, Jimmy decided to go into the e liquid community professionally. This juice line has since then sky rocketed into the vaping world as one of the most popular e liquids in the vaping world. So now you know a little bit more about this line, here are the flavor descriptions!


Jimmy's E Juice Flavors

Let's start with my favorite flavor; Raspberry French: sweet, delectable, fresh raspberries are the primary flavor point of this all day vape. Vanilla extract swirl with light custards around the light raspberry flavor to create one of the best berry juices that we have ever tried and you will absolutely love it too.


Caramel Pear: ooey gooey caramel is one of our favorite candies and it is even better when caramel is mixed with the sweet taste of fresh pear. The thing I personally love about this e liquid is the fact that the caramel and the pear are perfectly balanced with hints of mystery that you won't be able to describe and you won't be able to put down.


Peachy Strawberry: this fantastic e liquid is a great spring/summer time vape. Light airy, and full of bright flavors, Peachy Strawberry is a great peach e liquid flavor. There are many peach and strawberry concoctions out there in the vaping world, however, there aren't too many that are as particularly good as this juice. Trust me when I say you just have to try it.


Shurb: I really love this flavor; it's pretty ridiculous how good it is. The name is pretty self explanatory, but just if you're wondering here is the flavor: it's an amazing sherbert with primary focuses on orange and raspberry with a swirl of cream and a touch of sweet mint. That's what I think throws me over the edge with this juice; the hint of mint. I'm a big fan of small subtleties in e liquid, and that's why I think I love Shurb so much. The subtlety of the mint really puts this juice over the edge; in a good way.


Creme Brulee: ok, for the finale of them all: the majestic, the outrageous, the stupendous... Creme Brulee!! (A little over the top?? Well, I get excited). :P

Have you ever tried a creme brulee dessert before? If you haven't, I'll give you a little bit of a run down. Creme Brulee (fun fact) is one of my favorite desserts in the history of life. It is basically a pudding like custard that combines hints of vanilla, sweet cream, etc. What makes this dish absolutely stupendous is the great flavor of burnt sugar that lines the top of the dish. When you plunge your spoon into the bowl, you have to break through the top of the burnt sugar and all of that amazing flavor scoops into your mouth. Incredible. Well, to be honest, that's exactly what Creme Brulee tastes like from Jimmy the Juice Man. This incredible e liquid reminds me of my favorite dessert and that's why I love it so!


Creme Brulee by Jimmy the Juice Man

 My own personal hand check... ;)


Why Jimmy the Juice Man is Your All Day Vape

So after listing off all of the flavor profiles, does anything strike a chord? Well, if it does, I highly, HIGHLY suggest that you pick up this epic e liquid! The flavors are freaking amazing, the price is low, and the value for what you're getting is extremely great. We all know that vaping the, "high end," flavors can be expensive at times, however, Jimmy the Juice Man is not one of those instances. So basically, I'm saying to pick up this whole line; you'll be over the moon happy with that decision.


You need to try this e liquid; you'll thank me later!



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