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  • Astro by Space Jam E Juice; Your All Day Vape
Astro by Space Jam E Juice; Your All Day Vape



We Have a Winner with Astro!

Astro by Space Jam E Juice is one of the hugely popular e liquid classics from the ultimately "vape famous" juice line, Space Jam Robo Fuel. As the years have continued to pass (since the beginning of 2013) we have been a proud carrier of Space Jam; and Astro as one of our top selling e liquids that we have on our site.


The Origins of Astro by Space Jam E Juice

Astro by Space Jam was one of the first juice flavor of three to hit the vaping scene back in 2012. As Space Jam puts it, "The arrival," when speaking about the launch of Space Jam, " took the industry by storm, effectively changing vaping forever," and we couldn't agree more.

As I have stated before in the past, Space Jam created high end/complex flavors during a time when those types of flavors were not in existence; and those three flavors were: Astro, Andromeda, and Starship 1.

Astro by Space Jam E Juice at Elevated Vaping

The beginning of Space Jam days! What a throw back! (And we thought we were the master s of photography back then!)


So as time continued, Space Jam has continued to evolve and has ended up creating 7 flavors that you know and love. After multiple additions, bottle size changes, and multiple conventions later, Astro has continued to be one of the best e juice flavors in the vaping world. Before we go on to the flavors, I wanted to show you the progression of Space Jam over the years; I think you'll like it.


  The beginning


The middle


And now!



Astro's Flavor Profile

So what exactly is Astro's flavor? I'm sure for those of you vaping enthusiasts, you may know what the flavor profile is, but I'll put it in my own words. Astro is an incredible fruit flavor with fantastic complexities. Astro combines: green/granny smith apples, lightly aromatic peaches, and a tartly sweet strawberry exhale. All of the flavors perfectly compliment eachother. It sounds like a strange combination for fruits; I mean, who actually eats these fruits altogether in a fruit salad? Well, I never personally have but this e liquid is one that you never would have expected and yet, I LOVE it!


Astro is mostly a granny smith apple composition. Although I did state that Astro does have hints of peaches and strawberries, this e liquid mostly incorporates the slightly tart taste of apples; which I absolutely love. I find it hard to vape a purely strong fruit flavor without an added little taste of something that puts a juice over the top, in this case, the green apple really works well and is most definitely an all day vape.


What others think about Astro

So after all of the sales of Astro over the past years, we have read lots of reviews about this juice; whether it be on our site, or other sties, we read many positive reviews about this e liquid. Here is what people think:


"I've been vaping Space Jam Astro for over a year now and it's one of those juices that I have yet to get tired of..." happy Yotpo reviewer. Others have hailed this juice as, "The Bees Knees," also as, "One of the best juices..." etc. And we couldn't agree more, and we know you will love it as well!


Astro Synapses

Astro really is a great juice that we can't speak more highly of. We are definitely a company that won't sell products that we don't believe in, and let me tell you, we totally believe in Astro and all things Space Jam. Get it today! 





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