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  • Walrus by Must Vape has Launched!
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Walrus by Must Vape has Launched!

Walrus by Must Vape at Elevated Vaping

Walrus... You've gotta try it

We've been awaiting the release of Must Vape's fourth flavor for what has been months now, but it has been patient because we know what we were waiting for is worth it. We know the creators of this e liquid perfect every flavor that they create. With that being said, we didn't have any doubt that Walrus was the next big thing on the vaping scene; and boy were we right.

Must Vape Background

Let's start with a little Must Vape background story on the company to get you an idea of how great this line is. Must Vape was founded in October of 2013 with the goal of creating unmatched quality and flavors. This whimsical company is known for their unique humor and creative flavors. As time has continued, this company has literally blown up and continues to become a monster in this industry.


After being picked up by Zamplebox and Local Vape, Must Vape continues to expand and dominate the vaping world. Their ingenuity with fantastic flavors as well as their commitment to quality, their humble attitude, and customer service continues to impress us and everyone who works with them. Their amazing flavors, such as Pencil; a pear crisp with vanilla ice cream continues to blow minds at vape conventions, on our site, and everyone who tries it.


Walrus Profile

So now you know the background of the company, let's get down to the stuff you want to know about... the profile. Walrus really is an impeccable array of fruit flavors. Juicy strawberries, watermelon, a hint of cream, and sweet spear mint have created a truly fantastic fruit e liquid. This juice is the ultimate of refreshing and leaves hints of dazzling mystery complications that will leave you vaping all day in and day out.


Walrus by Must Vape at Elevated Vaping


There really is nothing else to compare this flavor to because it is unlike any other flavor I have ever tried. You'll just have to take my word for it and I promise it is worth trying.


So there you have it, folks! We have a great thing here and we know that you will be big fans of this e liquid! 

  • CreamMintMust Vape JuiceStrawberriesWalrus by Must VapeWatermelon

Comments on this post ( 2 )

  • Aug 13, 2015

    This is my true blue juice. I have decent collection, but I always go back to Walrus. I go through 3-30mls before a finish 1-30ml of anything else. Find this stuff, and stock up.

    — PJohn0788

  • Feb 25, 2015

    WoW! I think I found my new all day vape. A creamy (real not fake) strawberry inhale a subtle minty sweet exhale. Great vape cloud on my rda and my atlantis. Anyone who is hooked on flavors like Betty , this is right up there with her. A fantastic high end juice. Gonna need some jumbo size bottles of this stuff

    — sparky4601

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