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Kind of a Big Deal and Jazzy Boba E Liquid

 Kind of a Big Deal and Jazzy Boba

Kind of a Big Deal is a great new e juice flavor that is hitting the vaping world with a bang. The makers of Jazzy Boba, Pat and Bian, have done yet again another amazing flavor that you will want to get your hands on. I have decided to make this juice our juice of the week and I want to express more about this flavor so you can get an idea on how truly big, Kind of a Big Deal, is.

E Liquid Background

Kind of a Big Deal is fresh on the vaping scene. With all new flavors that we try day in and day out, it is nice to see juice makers that truly take their time with the flavors that they create. When I first met Brian and Pat, I knew who they were immediately. Being the “vape famous” stars that they are, it was nice to put faces to the name; both of which are great guys that I am really happy to have met.


Pat is a man that you will never forget. He is a very tall man, has a blue Mohawk and tatts everywhere; including his eyes! He is one of the nicest, most passionate men I have ever had the pleasure of knowing in this vaping community. He is truly brilliant in the vaping world and has added many different fantastic flavors, ideas, and input into this new and evolving world.


Brian is a guy that we have known for quite some time. Maker of different high end mods in the community, Brian is an ingenious man that sells a whole package when it comes to his products. With that being said, it isn’t hard to see why these two have created two phenomenal flavors that have been flying off our online shelves.

Jazzy Boba Background

While we’re discussing Kind of a Big Deal, I wanted to first talk about the initial flavor in the line up by Brian and Pat and that is Jazzy Boba. Jazzy Boba, if you haven’t heard of it already, is a truly epic masterpiece. It is exactly what it sounds like; a jasmine milk boba tea; and boy is it spot on. Jasmine is a hard flavor to perfect. I have tasted other maker’s version of jasmine inspired drinks, desserts, and even off the wall flavors and they have all been a miss. I will leave out which companies have tried this because as you can see, there really aren’t any flavors that can harness the true essence of Jasmine. With that being said, Jazzy Boba is the real deal when it comes to jasmine and drink flavors alike. You won’t believe what you are tasting when you taste it. Jazzy Boba is smooth, creamy, and subtly exorbinate with flavor as your taste buds with joyously dance. (And yes, they will dance, don’t ask me how I know).

Kind of a Big Deal Juice of the Week

Let’s go on to our juice of the week; Kind of a Big Deal. Kind of a Big Deal is the newest vaping phenomenon that has hit the market. Once again, this flavor is hard to craft and once I tell you what type of flavor it is, you will agree; yet Pat and Brian have crafted this e liquid that is on point and you won’t be disappointed.


So here it is… Kind of a Big Deal: a peanut butter milk shake extravaganza! See what I mean? So when we talk about peanut, or peanut butter for that matter, it truly is a difficult prospect to wrap your brain around. You may say that you have tried peanut butter juice before, but did you truly enjoy what you were vaping? Did you get the essence of real peanuts and think, “Wow, this is scrumptious?” or was it more of, “Ehh, it’s ok.”? For the most part, I have found that latter is my description of situations when trying a peanut or peanut butter flavor e liquid.


Well, for this week only, you can try this amazing juice at a great discount and you really should try it. You won't be disappointed!

  • Jazzy BobaKind of a Big DealPeanut Butter Milk Shake

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  • Aug 31, 2015

    what happened to this juice ??? I don’t ever see it for sale

    — james

  • Feb 12, 2015


    We have 120ml bottles available with this flavor! It’s a great flavor and no banana!! :)

    — Taylor Thompson

  • Feb 10, 2015

    I need this juice, in a big bottle now. I love PB vapes, but can’t do the banana everyone wants to put in there.

    — Jim G

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