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iStick 30 Watt by Eleaf Thoughts

Eleaf Istick 30 Watt

The iStick by Eleaf... the new age of Vaping

The iStick by Eleaf has continuously proven to revolutionize the vaping community when it comes to mods and atomizers. The iStick 20 Watt came out not too long ago and although this small and compact and is really helpful when vaping in public or a night on the town when you need a stealthy vape. There were some really big pros that people were excited about, however there were some critiques for this piece and Eleaf has delivered.


The iStick 30 Watt takes the same basic construct of the 20 Watt but with additions that we think you will really enjoy about this mod so let's dive in.

iStick 30 Watt Differences

The iStick 30 watt is the same basic principal (like stated above). The mod is compact and fits perfectly in a pocket or purse. Along with the concise design, there is a cool addition to the new look of the 30 Watt that is really cool. The added lip at the top cap. This top allows for a 20 millimeter sized tank that will sit flush on the lip of the top cap of the mod; which adds for a great looking piece no matter the size of your tank.


iStick 30 Watt at Elevated Vaping


One other change that we really enjoy is the stainless steel threading. Critics were saying that this threading was too weak and didn't wear as well as it should have. We never noticed this, but either way, we do like stainless steel; it adds a great touch. On top of the added stainless steel threading; the loaded spring action; posted above. If you were to push on the loaded spring button with a screw driver etc., you would see he entire piece move downward (not just the screwed top.)


Of course the last added piece to think about is the idea that this mod goes all the way up to 30 watts. The power scrolling is really quick and allows for downward scrolling as well. You can also "power lock" the piece by holding the up and down button at the same time. Pretty cool addition.


Another thing that I really love is we recently added silicone covers to our site as well for your iStick 20 or 30 Watt. Along with the cool design of the iStick, you can customize it as well! Picture posted below.


Eleaf iStick 20 or 30 Watt Silicone Sleeve


When it comes to the iStick, it seems like this 30 Watt is more of an updated version rather than a new piece. When it comes to the price of this mod, you really will be stunned by the power in contrast to the price; which is $34.99! Either way, you will see that the iStick really is a great addition to your rotation!





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