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  • Zephyr by Paradox Vapour; your all day vape
Zephyr by Paradox Vapour; your all day vape

Zephyr: Our Juice of the Week, and your all day vape

Zephyr by Paradox Vapour is brand new and hot on the vaping market! We are proud to carry this up and coming e liquid as Paradox grows into a great and fabulous juice line. When we first tried Zephyr's counter part, Emerald, we knew we had a winner on our hands, and just like that, it flew off of our virtual shelves. We were happily and anxiously awaiting the arrival of Zephyr for a few months now. Now that it is here, we are elated to have this amazing e liquid in our store.

The Scoop on Zephyr

The makers of this juice line are our really good friends. Working in the vaping community since its beginning Jolly and Francis have been pioneers of vaping products and continues to amaze. It is no surprise that his newest line, Paradox Vapour is a greatly crafted liquid that people are raving about.


So what is the flavor profile exactly of Zephyr? Well, it is mind blowing, that's for one thing. With the growing interest and popularity focusing primarily on dessert vapes, Paradox has created a liquid that is the epitome of dessert flavors. Blueberries, flaky buttery goodness, and vanilla ice cream create what I like to think of as a cobbler. I remember back in the day when I grew up in Kansas (yes I did, that's not a joke) my Aunt Julie would make the best blueberry cobbler that I have ever tasted. It was perfect served warm with vanilla bean ice cream and a little whipped cream; and that's what Zephyr reminds me of. My Aunt Julie's home cooked dessert. She really should consider opening a restaurant. It's pretty ridiculous.


Anyway, back on track, Zephyr is really a juice that never grows stale. I find that this is one of my least favorite parts about vaping; trying to find an e liquid that fits my needs and doesn't grow stale. With Zephyr, I find that there is truly a difference here and you will want to try it to taste that difference!


This week only, you can grab Zephyr on sale for a sweet deal, so now's a more perfect time than ever to grab this amazing e liquid!

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  • Feb 10, 2015

    Have to agree with the write up, this juice line is pure awesome…I actually got a hold of the Zephyr a few months back and man was it great…Vaping has never been that tastier. I actually got the chance to know the makers of the juice line Jolly and Francis and like the juice they showed awesomeness as well. Now Im back in the Philippines and my stash is almost running out, fortunately for me Im getting a batch of the “Awesomeness” via vapemail. Expecting the juice to arrive any time soon and man am I excited….Kudos to the makers…and my message to them…“You’ve made vaping so darn pleasurable for me through your again AWESOME juice”. More power to Paradox:)

    — Gab Villapana

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