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  • Why You Need the Steam Factory in Your Life
Why You Need the Steam Factory in Your Life

The Steam Factory at Elevated Vaping 

The Steam Factory; an all day vape

The Steam Factory e juice line came into our online shop a year ago this month! We were so excited to bring this e juice on our site and boy did it do amazingly well and it continues to do so as time passes! After a year of having this e liquid on our site, I have a bit of a synapses since we first picked it up that I would like to share with you all! 


The Beginning of the Steam Factory

The Steam Factory at Elevated Vaping

When the Steam Factory first launched, I knew that this liquid was going to be big news. The hype that was building around this juice was pretty impressive. So after speaking with the owner, Jason, I realized that this guy, and his juice, was the real deal. We knew we had to get it in our shop. 


The line first started out with four flavors; my personal favorite being Blue Ballz. The flavor line up was as follows: Screwberry, Blue Ballz, Kizmet, and Castaway. My first thought? The labeling was absolutely beautiful and the flavor profiles were unique and impeccably balanced; and I still think that to this day. 


Steam Factory takes the most beautiful labeling, highest commitment to quality, a tad bit of humor, and infuses that with the all encompassing idea of the, "All Day Vape." When I first spoke with Jason regarding the blog that I initially wrote announcing his product, he told me that the all day vape flavor profiles were his main goal; and I truly believe that this has held up. 


Why is an all day vape so important? Well, the answer seems simple and yet it is more important than that. If you truly find your all day vape, you see that there is nothing more that you want and crave; which brings you back to more. The flavor never gets stale, and you don't have that annoying nagging feeling of trying to find something new. Although finding new flavors is a fun escapade at times, it does become daunting; especially with all of the thousands of flavors out there. So, the Steam Factory has made it easy for you. Five flavors; all worthy of the title of, "all day vape."


Where the Steam Factory is Today

2014 has been a big year for the Steam Factory. With the newest expansion of their line, Muffcake, all new swag with their awesome logo, and the addition with 3mg strengths, the Steam Factory continues to grow in popularity and following. So the big question is, if you don't know already, what are the flavor profiles? Well, I wouldn't drag you  down all this way and not tell you right?

The Steam Factory Flavor Profiles:

Blueballz: this is one of my favorite e juice flavors of all ime. Lightly sugared banana bread and fresh blueberries create a heavenly twist of sweet savory combinations that are subtle and perfectly blended. 

Screwberry: another one of my favorites. This e liquid is super unique in the fact that it combines the juicy tart and sweet strawberries with the crisp backing of champagne bubbly. If you're looking for a unique flavor profile, than Screwberry is the flavor for you. 

Kizmet: light, airy, and perfectly tantalizing, Kizmet is a fruit flavor for the record books. Anjou pear and bright green Granny Smith apples are the primary focal point of this e liquid. Kizmet is not to sweet, not too sour, and perfectly balanced. You will love this e liquid.

Castaway: the ultimate tropical oasis in an e liquid. Oranges, lightly sweet cream, and tropical undertones all create a zesty mixture of pure bliss. You will adore this flavor, just like all of our other happy customers who have ordered it. 

Muffcake: the latest addition to this amazing line; and boy does it hit the spot! This lemony mix of pure ecstasy is a great all day vape. Buttered and sugary cake mix with the light and airy taste of lemon to create a different taste that you won't be able to put down. 



In conclusion, it is fair to say the Steam Factory has only gotten better as time continues to pass. Their new swag, e juice flavor, Muffcake, and added milligram strengths suits all vapors in the community. Whether you're looking to drip, use a tank, or are beginning to quit cigarettes, the Steam Factory has a flavor that will suit your all day vaping needs; and just like that, you'll be hooked! 


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