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  • Mutation X V3 Is Here and We Love it!
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Mutation X V3 Is Here and We Love it!

Mutation X V3 is New and Improved

The Mutation X V3 by Indulgence is a great new piece that has hit the vaping community in January and it has been hailed as a huge improvement from the V2. So have you heard about this dripper? Well, if you haven't, you have come to the right place because we have all you need to know and want to hear about this RDA. 


So firstly, all of these opinions are based solely off the fact that I recently picked up this piece for myself and I truly love it; so I decided to do a write up. This RDA is truly FANTASTIC and I have all of the scoop for you regarding this dripper below for you to read. 


The V2 was not recepted as well as expected. Project Sub-Ohm decided to reinvent their newest creation, and the V3 has been much of an improvement. I will discuss this more in the latter part of this blog when I get into the details. 

Mutation V3 Design

The design of this RDA is all new and improved. This dripper comes in four different and really cool colors: black, brass, white and stainless steel. The designs are absolutely beautiful and can fit any set up you would like. Photo posted below. 



The Mutation X V3 RDA by Project Sub-Ohm at Elevated Vaping



Differences from the Mutation V2 to the V3

So after seeing what this great piece looks like, I am going to go over the changes from the previous V2 and the V3. So what did the customers want? Customers wanted phillip's head screws instead of the triangular screw heads that were placed with the V2 and they listened. Customers wanted a 510 drip tip, Indulgence answered and also allowed for interchangeable drip tips with a derlin adapter. 


The new Mutation V3 also has 18 air holes for the maximum airflow and cloud production. This RDA also allows for double air flow or single air flow. The top cap comes off to where you can place your air flow to set with your dual coil build or single coil build. The top cap has a neat slicing blade cap that allows for the best possible cloud production. 


Along with all of these great additions this piece is made of stainless steel and is made with the greatest care and quality. Also, when it comes to the design, the Project Sub-Ohm logo is simply engraved on this piece. Simple, beautiful, and greatly built. 


So Basically....

Lastly, this RDA is a great price; which is something that I truly love about this vaping community. RDAs are becoming more affordable with the same high quality that they were being produced with in the past. 


So all in all, I am truly in love with this RDA. Didn't think it was possible, to be in love with a dripper, but I truly have fallen, and I think you will love it too. 

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