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Couple Banned from Adopting a Child... for Vaping??


I read a lot of vaping blog articles to get inspired for my job here at Elevated. When I read this blog from Grimm Green's blog post, I couldn't believe my eyes. I decided to some research, and I honestly was shocked even more by the fact that this story is true.


There has obviously been a lot of turmoil regarding the health concerns of vaping in the public eye but this story really upset me and takes this situation to an all new level. I'll start with the story.


Two prospect parents, let's call them Abigail and Brian, were wishing to adopt a child. These two parents lived in Staffordshire County in England and had gone through years of going through health tests, mental health tests, and spent quite a bit of money getting ready for the adoption of their first child that they wished to adopt. Everything change when a social worker saw the prospective father, Brian vaping on his e cigarette.


Brian and Abigail's plans were vanquished after this situation and now they are out of the running for adopting the child of their dreams. All because Brian was vaping off an e cigarette. When questioning the social worker, there weren't any true answers that were given by the social worker other than the fact that parents using an e cigarette in the last 12 months is apparently a reason enough to not adopt a child even though experts say that second hand vaping, "poses little or no threat to children in the home."


What does Brian have to say about this? Well, apparently, Brian had been using e cigarettes because he had quitting the real thing for months. The couple also said the following to The Mail, "When there are so many children desperate for a family and a stable home, to put up such trivial barriers is ridiculous." 


What do I have to say about this? Well, let's consider the facts about children needing good, sturdy homes. There are quite a bit. More than I even need to explain. So why is there a blockade on two seemingly great parents that were dedicated to go through years of tests and payments that were wasteful.


Apparently England and at least 13 of its councils have banned e cigarettes users, or anyone who has vaped them in the past 12 months from adopting or fostering any young children. Pretty ridiculous. Professor West, director of tobacco studies at the University London College said the policy is, "badly sought out." He also said that this law could, "cause significant harm."  And I couldn't agree more.


This ban is pure blasphemy, in my opinion. I can't understand how there are parents out there that are trying to better their life in many ways and are not allowed to change the lives of children that truly need it. Not only will this ban not allow parents to adopt children, but it truly is detrimental to the vaping community.


"There are so many misconceptions about e-cigarettes that policy makers and the public are getting very confused," Professor West. This quote truly describes what this ban, and many others are doing to not only parents but the public eye and people who would like to quit.


I hope that this ban gets lifted, but hope truly isn't the answer. Although this problem is coming from England, we need to keep updated on United States, or other government agencies that try to oppose e cigarettes in such a way that damages the community and the public eye that is judging the community.





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