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  • ADIDAA by Han Sauce the Epic Juice of the Week
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ADIDAA by Han Sauce the Epic Juice of the Week

Han Sauce and the Epic ADIDAA

ADIDAA by Han Sauce has been a game changer from the beginning of its release and we have been proud to carry this juice line since the very beginning. I remember when this juice flavor first came out. Instant hilarity in a very, very good way. The labeling, the jokes written on the labeling, and the flavor.... everything, perfect. And this juice has been one of our most popular flavors to date. We've got a winner here, folks.


ADIDAA's Background

ADIDAA is a purely hilarious and unique juice line. When you buy your next bottle, look at the labeling and you will get a good chuckle, if you haven't already. All of the e juice flavors that have been released by Han Sauce are pretty hilarious, and they are worth checking out. 


Are you wondering what ADIDAA stands for? No, it's not a misspelled shoe company, it stands for: All Day I Dream About Andy. Well who is Andy? Andy is the guy on the label, owner of the Vape Unit in Monterey Park, California and all around vape guy. And he's the co-owner of Han Sauce. Pretty busy fella, and yet he and his partner, Mikey dedicated himself to a great juice line and a great flavor in ADIDAA as well as other flavors: 2 Changz (that's Mikey on the cover), and Han Job (both of these handsome men are on the label here as well.)

ADIDAA's Flavor Profile

ADIDAA's flavor profile is simple and yet complex; which is really awesome. This flavor combines dragonfruit with a twist. What exactly is a twist? Well, that's a top secret ingredient that even we don't know, but one thing is for sure, this e juice really is a great fruit flavor profile that will be your next all day vape. It is unique, smooth, and purely exotic.

One Other Great Thing

 Want to try this flavor but haven't had the chance? Well, now is the best chance. You can get this juice until Sunday at the end of this week at a great discount!!

  • 2 ChangzADIDAAHan JobHan Sauce

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