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  • Monkey Music... one of the best Dessert Vapes out there!
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Monkey Music... one of the best Dessert Vapes out there!

Monkey Music by Omega Vape at Elevated Vaping

Monkey Music; a Delightful Desert Vape

Monkey Music by Omega Vape is seriously a great e liquid that warms the senses and greatly enough, this juice is our juice of the week! Want to know a little more about this vaping e liquid? Well, that's why I'm here. You're welcome.


Omega Vape Background

Omega Vape is the counterpoint to Alpha Vape; the monster e liquid company that hit the vaping community with a bang and pioneered the high-end vaping flavors at the beginning of the "vaping movement." Coming straight from the vaping community, Sam (Alpha's owner) was growing tired of the same old flavors and decided to create his own brand for his own personal use. After handing out his creations to his good friends and hearing feedback he realized that he had something different. What he created changed the world of vaping Alpha Vape focused on sweet fruit flavors that enticed the senses of those who had just quit and those who were veterans. His flavors were bold, unique and completely different. Years later, he decided to create Omega Vape which concentrated more on the savory flavors with buttery bases and hints of sweet (but not too overpowering) bases. Flavors like Hendershot which combines flavors like sugary vanilla based cookies with combinations of Virginia blend tobacco, etc. Obviously the main focus today is the fantastic Monkey Music.


Monkey Music Details...

So Monkey Music is a fantastic and subtle e juice that balances the perfect blend of sweet salted caramel in combination of freshly baked banana bread. Now you're probably thinking that there are quite a bit of banana breads out there. I know, there truly is. What makes this juice especially unique is the salted caramel and the on point banana bread. Sure, you can batch together a few banana and baked flavors and call it banana bread, but the creators of Alpha and Omega have sat down and truly taken the time to craft something truly special. It wouldn't have taken as long as it did to craft the perfect liquid.


If you're looking for one of the best desert vapes in the community, you have found the right e liquid. This juice balances the perfect blend of sweet tones as well as savory undertones amazingly well. Better yet, this juice can be your next all day vape at an amazing discount all week only!


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