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Vaping Battery Law Suits and Safety


Lithium Battery Causes Major Injuries

Who else has read the news report regarding an Arlington man that burned his scrotal area and thighs due to a vaping lithium battery that sparked in his pocket? Well, if you haven't, I'll fill you in.


David Powell, vaper and former Marine was attending a family event when his lithium battery that he had placed in his pocket loosely started to spark and burn his thigh. It literally annihilated his inner thighs and his scrotum. It is a horrible tragedy that this happened to this poor man, but what presented itself later is something that is more bothersome.


So David, after his incident decided to hire a lawyer because the battery company that sold the battery in question came from China. David says that he purchased this battery from Vixen Vapor, a vape shop in Arlington. It is believed by him and his attorney that the vape shop should have warned and instructed David of the potential dangers of such a dangerous product. He and his attorneys are suing for $1 million because Vixen Vapors supposedly didn't warn David or instruct him on the safety of these batteries.


Well, Vixen Vapors published this report responding to the allegations, "Vixen Vapors is committed to producing and selling the highest-quality e-cigarette products, and we work hard to educate our customers on their proper use and storage. We believe that if a product is defective, then its manufacturer should take responsibility. We didn’t make the battery involved in this case, though, and it’s not clear that we sold it, either. Nevertheless, as soon as we learned that there was an incident, we immediately began working on displays for all of our locations to address the situation.”


Firstly, there are a few bits of information that I would like to state. There really is no proof that David did indeed purchase these batteries from Vixen Vapor. Even if he did, there is no way to speculate that Vixen Vapor didn't warn David of the dangers. Now, I'm not saying any of this is true or not, I'm just playing devil's advocate. Even still, even if David wasn't warned and he did indeed did purchase this battery unknowing the dangers, it is still known that batteries, especially lithium, are dangerous and before anyone starts to vape, it is important to know the dangers.


The other problem that I really find discomforting is the publicity that this post is portraying. Articles with titles that make vaping look like a culprit really bothers me. While scrolling through, "vaping news" stories, I find that huge corporate media chains use dramatic phrasing to get an appeal, when in all actuality, it hurts our community.


With all of that being said, we have a few pieces of information that we would like to post to hopefully cut down on the accidents with lithium batteries. What we've decided to do is help all of you out with a bit of information that you should know about batteries. We have heard too many reports of batteries being mishandled and resulting in awful injury and we want to help with what we can. 


Vaping Batteries Do's and Don'ts

Battery Do's

  • Keep your battery cool
  • Monitor your battery while charging
  • Store batteries in safe compartments when not in use


Battery Don'ts

  • Don't over charge batteries
  • Don't charge batteries on a wood or carpet service
  • Do not ever store batteries on your person loose (like in a pocket)
  • Do not charge batteries in incapable chargers (make sure the batteries fit charging standards and availability)
  • Do not use (under any circumstances) a battery that is damaged in any way
  • Don't store battery with negatives and positives touching
  • Do not use swollen-looking batteries; if any battery looks tampered with whatsoever do not use it
  • Do not dispose of batteries in the trash

For disposal sites in California, check out this website of where disposal locations are located:



And lastly, we wanted to post a photo from our good friends at Zamplebox. This great photo is great help if you have any other questions or concerns regarding vaping and battery safety.




 There are many more instances in which batteries can physically harm someone or cause major damage. Be advised that although we posted some do's and don'ts, there are many more that are important to know. If you have any questions, let us know and we will be happy to help as much as we can. 



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