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Heart Surgeon Discusses Vaping Benefits

Heart Surgeon Talks Vaping

We have heard a lot of negative thoughts on vaping and as the war rages on, we will take all of the positivity we can get an this surely is a positive win for the vaping community.

Dr. Gopal Bhatnagar is the Chief of Staff at Trillium Hospital in Mississauga, Ontario Canada. He is an extremely respected heart surgeon in his community and his opinion on vaping is absolutely fantastic.

Vaping Video Synapses

Because the video is roughly twenty minutes long, I will break it down for you a bit. The interviewer, Todd Shapiro for XM Satellite radio first asks him about tobacco and its harms. Dr. Bhatnagar responds by saying that the number one cause for heart disease is smoking and quote, "preventable." They go on to discuss the immediate health effects that smoking causes. 

Dr. Bhatnagar said at first he didn't know anything about vaping and initially had a negative reaction to the cause. After nine months of doing scientific research, Dr. Bhatnagar realized that vaping has done quite a bit of good and is now a proponent. He says in the video, ".... my opinion is based on science." He goes on to explain that when vaping is introduced to a smoking population, cigarette usage drops at least 50%. Hard to argue with those numbers. He even goes on to say that vaping is pretty much equal to the cessation methods like the patches and the gums that are used and the relapse amount with vaping is lower.

Personally, my favorite portion of this interview was when Dr. Bhatnagar discusses what he calls, "chemistry" of the vapor and its potential harms stating, "You don't find anything that is even potentially dangerous," referring to e juice and the water vapor produced. My favorite opinion? This one right here, "People argue that we don't know what will happen in the next 20 years. Part of that is true but we know very certainly what will happen in 20 years if you continue to smoke cigarettes."  He goes on to compare smoking cigarette dangers to the stratosphere and vaping on electronic cigarettes ground level.


The Fundamental Issue

When discussing the "gate way" argument about children vaping, Dr. Bhatnagar says that the data just doesn't hold up. In every population where data has been collected regarding smoking and cessation, smoking rates have gone down and the percentage of children vaping has shown to be in one particular study less than .22%. His argument is the science is there and the proof is in front of our face but for some reason or another, that proof gets ignored. The messages that have been displayed that vaping is dangerous to children, in Dr. Bhatnagar has, "run its' course," and I couldn't agree more. The stigma and tobacco companies is more what is fueling this battle, not logic.


Final Vaping Conclusion

The conclusion is pretty obvious. We have to fight high tempers and legislation with facts and science. The answers are there if you truly want to know. Please, spread the word of this interview, the video is fully accessible here in the blog. Post, post, post. The vaping community needs all of the help we can!



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  • Mar 26, 2015

    Totally awesome to see! The truth is we have to stick to what is scientifically evident in the research and efforts put forth by people who have seen the difference in what vaping has done for us, I personally haven’t needed to use my asthma inhaler since I started vaping almost four years ago so I know for a fact it’s a healthier alternative to smoking

    — Armani G

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