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  • California Call to Action: SB 140 & SB 24
California Call to Action: SB 140 & SB 24

California Call to Action Elevated Vaping

SFATA and Not Blowing Smoke California Call to Action

Today vapers from all over the state of California will be meeting in Sacramento to oppose the newest bill that may possibly go into affect in 2016: SB 140 & SB 24. Vaping advocates like SFATA (Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association) as well as notblowingsmoke.org and many others.are heading to Sacramento today, April 8, 2015 to combat this monster of a bill. SB 140 and SB 24 are being backed by the American Heart Association and American Lung Association with ties to huge pharmaceutical corporations... big shock.

 The Basics of this Vape Banning Bill

This newest bill sets extremely difficult standards for all vapers. Here is the bill's points of opposition as stated on notblowingsmoke.org:

  •  Defines vapor products as tobacco products (equating cigarettes with e-cigarettes)
  • Attempts to include products defined as nicotine (regardless of the source)
  • Public use prohibition (no vaping where smoking is prohibited (no vaping in public parks etc.)
  • Change in how vaping can be prohibited in rental, lease, multi-unit apt. dwellings etc.
  • No vaping in work spaces (including vape shops)
  • No more, "self service" (unassisted) handling products or sampling liquids/flavors
  • No exemptions for vapor retailers to allow vaping in their stores
  • No vaping in group homes, small family homes, transitional housing, or by foster families
  • No vaping in a motor vehicle with a minor present, whether in motion or at rest

So How Does this Work??

That's a lot of negative affects for vapers in the state of California, but what really worries me is how this will affect shop owners and people trying to desperately quit smoking more than everything. As stated on notblowingsmoke.org, vaping is a 2 billion dollar industry and continues to grow. California, as many of you know, is the hub of vape shops, juice lines, and vaping enterprises and conventions. A bill like this could possibly ruin the industry. 

Proponents of this bill has compared vaping to "big tobacco" and not small business. As we all know, that is entirely further from the truth and needs to be stopped from being said altogether. Shutting this bill down with help from voters like you is the start.


We all know the slippery slope that all of these amendments to vaping would make without any true facts or science to back these claims. Vape shops that aren't allowed to have their customers vape inside is literally a waste of time and will force the hands of owners to close up shop; leaving fellow vapers between a rock and a hard place. With that being said, we all need to properly educate, act professionally, and fight this bill. If this bill goes to vote, which I am sure it will, we have a lot to fight. This may be a David and Goliath story, but we can win this with the proper tactics.


Where can you go to learn more?

There are facts all over proving what we have been trying to say to voters, and people who just don't know, for years. I have attached a few links in the bottom of this article that you most definitely should read. Studies and articles, along with more information about this bill that may or may not be passed is linked below. Take this information, arm yourselves, and let's get ready for this fight!






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